The Barfmunger Gnomes

Mot's Family, they are bakers, Inn Keepers, adventurers and scholars


Mot’s last name is Barfmunger, so that’s why the bakery business is named after her mother (Yoja’s Baked Goods).

Yoja, Mot’s mother- excitable, very happy to see her, calls on husband to activate machines, tells them about the big order they are working on for their buyers in Astrazalian

Dromfil, Mot’s father- says she can’t move back in, points to cubby hole with X on it, asks the party to escort the food the next day, so he doesn’t have to pay the usual guard

Neb, Amme, Elso are all staying at home (younger) and not very helpful. Amme is infatuated with a gnome apprentice baking, learning to make baguettes

Mehat is a baker with the family

Noit, Smyrna, and Arama all work at the The Fairy Dragon Inn in Astrazalian

Ali is an anthropologist somewhere in the Feywild

Weht is an adventurer

Sabes, Takel, and Nitsu are all at school in Astrazalian

The Barfmunger Gnomes

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