Alyssa Rananalden and Arkenndar Berngnet

Ganass's mother and her traveling companion, in Astrazailan for the Elder Librarian election.


Ganassi’s estranged mother and her traveling companion ran into the party in the streets of Astrazalian. Arkenndar, an illusion wizard, offered to put the party up in the most expensive Inn in town.

Ganassi warned his mother about the warning he received from the Shadowfell, as well as the vision he saw on the return from the Astral Plane. Things seem to be slowly warming between the two.

Arkenndar is actually a drow in disguise (under an illusion spell). Ganassi’s mother nursed him back to health after he was chased above ground from the Fey Dark. His clan had been wiped out by other drow and they were seeking to kill him as well. The wizard destroyed his attackers, but was severely injured during the battle.

Alyssa Rananalden and Arkenndar Berngnet

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