Harken's Heroes

Welcome to the Well!

"It's a god roll off!"

The heroes quickly vanquished the zombie dragon and rescued five of the six missing Mages of Saruun. After learning of Paldemar’s plans, they followed their only lead, heading to the Well of Demons. They endured a trial to gain entry to the area, where they fought a group of orcs. The party explored the Proving Grounds before beginning the three trials in the area. So far they traversed a room of trapped magic mirrors and barely survived a chamber filled with demonic blood.

The zombie dragon crashed onto the platform over the Sea of Shadows, roaring and attacking the party. It wasn’t long before it was vanquished and sliding back into the necrotic water below. Ganassi released the mages from the magical field that was holding them. From the group the party learned a number of important things. Paldemar had dropped the two missing mirror shards into the Sea of Shadows, returning them to Shadowfell. The freed mages had seen a group of tough looking orcs head to the Well of Demons, accompanied by one of the Bronze Warders, and taking the final missing mage as a sacrifice to Gruumsh. Shortly before the party had arrived one of the orcs had returned and given Paldemar a magical key to a hidden area inside the mountain. There he planned on using an ancient minotaur machine to control ALL the Warders and use them to perform the Song of Breaking, which would unleash the necrotic waters of the Sea of Shadows over the entire Nentir Vale.

The party discussed their options briefly, but quickly headed to the Well of Demons, in the hopes of finding the missing mage and recovering another magic key. With it they figured they would be able to track down Paldemar.

At the entrance to the Well, they were tested by a power trap of the minotaur followers of Baphomet. Ganassi used his intellect to navigate a magical maze. D’kar and Scarab used their strength to pass a minotaur test of strength. Bosephus failed to pass a test of devotion to his god, Pelor, but succeeded (with Mot’s help) in a test to resist a blood rage. After passing most of the tests, the minotaur statues told them needed four objects to enter the Inner Sanctum and said that one was nearby.

In the next area they fought a large group of orcs and quickly dispatched them. They found one of the magical objects, a book, on a small shrine nearby. They entered an area called the Proving Grounds, and discovered that they would have to be separated to place the four objects in the locations to complete the ritual. Mot also discovered that one of the magical pools in the area would protect them from poison, so they all took a quick drink from it before continuing.

They entered one of the trial rooms, discovering a small curtained off area. When they explored beyond it, they discovered a room full of magic mirrors. They didn’t seem to have any effect on Scarab, though they sent Mot into a pocket dimension where she met a starved orc marauder. Ganssai and D’kar quickly used the mirrors to teleport to the other end of the room and engage some skeletons in battle. The undead assassin recovered a mask, the object they needed from this room and began attacking the skeletons, after freeing Mot and the dangerous orc. It wasn’t long before the party dispatched all their foes, joined back up, and moved on.

The next trial room was a scene from a nightmare. The party had to recover two parts of dagger from across a giant pool of blood, dominated by two massive minotaur statues. Ganassi used his familiar and his natural eladrin abilities to make it most of the way across the map safely, before Scarab misjudged an attempt to disable one of the statues. This activated a deadly trap and awoke a number of demons around the room. After a hard fought battle and some close calls, the party managed to recover their mage and the dagger safely. When we left them, they were preparing to enter the final trial room and recover the last remaining artifact, a bell of some sort.


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