Harken's Heroes

The creature in the cage.

I hate that freaking hexer!

The three adventurers situated themselves outside the locked door and Ganassi attempted to pick the lock. Failing that, D’kar smashed his way through it and barreled into a large room containing two massive statues, some goblins, and a guard drake trapped behind a portcullis. Ganassi bravely ran into the room and blocked the switch to the portcullis, in the hopes that he could prevent it from being opened. The magic attack that he flung at the approaching goblin went wide in his haste.

As the goblin warriors moved into position, one missed a sword attack against D’kar, while the others javelin attack bounced off his armor. The goblin hexer cast a swirling cloud over the battlefield, making it difficult for the adventurer’s to see their targets. Despite that Bosephus managed to land a crushing blow on the nearest goblin with his mace. A scrawny goblin closed on the wizard but didn’t manage to get his short sword attack through his defense, as another scrawny goblin moved into position to attack.

D’kar reared back with his new sword and easily made it through the goblin warrior’s armor, severely damaging him. He followed up his attack by running to the aid of his wizard friend, deftly dodging an attack by a scrawny goblin on the way. As the guard drake roars and charges against the bars, Ganassi drew his longsword and missed an attack on the scrawny goblin. With encouraging words from the hexer, the goblin shifted around the wizard and landed a glancing blow on him.

Incised by their master, the goblin warriors renew their attacks, one clanging a spear off of D’kar’s plate mail, and the other missing an attack on the cleric. After moving into better position, the hexer used a stinging hex to immobilize the dragonborn paladin. In retaliation, Bosephus attempted to bash the nearest goblin warrior with his mace, but narrowly missed, allowing it to shift away. Seeing an opening, the cleric launched a bolt of holy light into the goblin, blowing a hole through its chest and felling it where it stood.

The two scrawny goblins missed attacks against the cleric and paladin, obviously frightened by what happened to the stronger warrior. Taking careful aim, D’kar threw a javelin at the hexer, only to be thwarted when he tricked the warrior next to him into the path of the missile. The scrawny goblin tried to take advantage of his distraction, but missed with his spear attack. In retaliation the dragonborn killed him with a blast of flame.

As the mage prepared acid arrow, the goblin hexer once again lured his unwitting warrior into the way, making him get splashed with acid. Half mad with pain, the warrior’s javelin missed the paladin. But the hexer managed to take advantage of the chaos of battle to successfully blind the wizard. Bosephus reared back with his mace and managed to smash the skull of the scrawny goblin in front of him, before dashing into the cloud to find a better position. As he ran he called out to Bahamut and a bright glow encircled Ganassi, closing all of his wounds.

D’kar attempted to hit the remaining goblin warrior with a thrown javelin, but he threw it wide. However, the power of his throw managed to free him from the curse binding him in place. As the guard drake roared loudly and rattled its cage, Ganassi groped his way forward and hid behind a statue. Out of desperation, he made one of the statues generate a loud roar, momentarily distracting the goblins enough to let his blindness ware off.

The burning and impaled goblin warrior charged the paladin and stuck a mighty blow in his rage. The speed of his movement managed to remove the acid from his armor and flesh. The ferocity of the attack rocked the large dragonborn backwards so much that the spell flung by the hexer sailed past him. Seeing his friend injured, the cleric attempted to hurt the warrior near the paladin, but missed him in the swirling mist surrounding him.

Finally free from the hex binding him, D’kar landed one vicious blow on the warrior near him, but missed with his second. The drake backed up and charged into the bars of its cage once again, as Ganassi created a column of flame inside the cloud that missed the goblins hidden with in. The goblin warrior’s injuries seemed to be catching up to him as he missed another attack on the paladin. The goblin hexer charged his way through the crowd of fighters, taking damage on the way past the paladin, and managed to flip the switch to raise the portcullis. He turned back to the party with a wicked grin on his face as he snapped the lever off, rendering it useless.

In the distraction, the cleric managed to hit the goblin warrior and nearly kill it, before moving out of the cloud in preparation to fight the drake. As the warrior staggered around, D’kar missed it with an attack from his sword. Ganassi attempted to hit the hexer with a volley of magic missiles, but the increasingly agitated movements of the guard drake and his opening cage, distracted him. The goblin warrior staggered into D’kar and managed to pierce his plate armor somehow. As the portcullis rattled completely open, the guard drake let out a feral roar. In order to gain some concealment the goblin hexer shifted the swirling cloud around himself and hunkered down for the next attack.

Seeing an opening, Bosephus used a lance of searing light to finally kill the warrior. After that he moved into position to attack the hexer. Steeling himself for the coming onslaught, D’kar took a moment to gather his resolve before attacking the drake with a savage attack. The drake snapped at the paladin in retaliation, just making it through his armor. As his pet joined the battle, the hexer was struck with another magic volley from the wizard. Though in pain, he was still able to hit the cleric with his magic rod. Bosephus attempted to hit the hexer with a swing from his mace but missed him in the annoying cloud.

The dragonborn managed to hit the drake with another attack, drawing blood and howls of pain. Its powerful jaws clamped down on D’kar’s arm, injuring him further. Ganassi sent another volley of magic missiles into the hexer, causing him severe pain. In spite of the grievous wound, he manages to hit the cleric with his magic rod doing some more damage. Bosephus missed with an attack against the hexer and took another hit himself in retaliation as he repositioned himself in the room. Calling upon the blessing of his deity, the cleric weakened the drake but had no effect on the hexer. As a bright light washed over both holy fighters, some of their wounds closed themselves again.

D’kar attempted to swing at the drake, but missed. Seeing the state of the cleric, he laid hands on him to bring him back to full fighting health. His move paid off, as the drake missed its attack and then rushed to the side of its dying master, taking two vicious attacks from the cleric and paladin on its way. Taking advantage of the new tactical location of the enemies, Ganassi created a pillar of flame over them, but somehow managed to miss them both.

The hexer, in desperation, fires off a blinding hex that missed the battle hardened cleric. Bosephus responds with another lance of holy light, bringing the drake down. D’kar charged up to the hexer and swung with all of his strength connecting with a solid blow, almost killing him. Ganassi missed with a magic missile attack and the near death hexer missed a swing at D’kar. Bosephus’ attack with the lance of faith nearly killed him, which was followed up with a final magic missile from Ganassi to bring the hexer down.

As the party explored the room, they opened a door to the sleeping quarters of the goblin hexer. Inside a chest at the foot of the bed they discovered some more treasure and a potion of healing. They also discovered a note from someone named Balgron, referencing someone or something named Irontooth, and telling the hexer to head to Winterhaven after he was finished in Harken. The party then exited the dungeon and made their triumph return to the Cliffside Brewery, to tell tales of their bravery.


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