Harken's Heroes

Szartharrax's Revenge!

Mot fought a dragon?!

So, there we was, riding in the wagon toward Fallcrest. Shiny wasn’t feeling too good from all the drinking he was doing, but me, Mot, Dragonman and Blinky were enjoying the ride. Mot’s friend Douvy was steering the cart and Glurp was riding on the horse minding me own business (just in case Shiny hurled in the wagon) when everyone started shouting about a dragon.

Glurp was sooo scared, but then the big scaly meanie threatened my friend Mot, and Glurp wasn’t going to let that happen! It started its attack by dropping off some stupid kobolds (scaly bastards!) on the back of the wagon and then covered half the wagon with his icy breath. Glurp jumped off the horse and landed next to Douvy, before firing my crossbow at the dragon. Glurp was still a little scared and missed the ugly monster, but my second shot was a hit! Go me!

Shiny tried to shove one of the dumb kobolds off the wagon, but the little guy hung tough. They tried to stab Dragonman and shiny but they both missed. Dragonman picked the other kobold up and threw him right down onto the road, to be quickly left in the dust. Yay Dragonman!

Blinky made his big ball of fire (sooo cool!) show up next to the dragon, but it didn’t seem to scare him too much. Mot tried really hard to hit the kobold, but she missed. Poor Mot. Glurp helped her with another bolt at the scary dragon, before it got burnt by the ball of fire. That must have made it mad, because it flew by and bit Blinky! Big scaly bastard! Shiny used his magic to make Dragonman and Blinky feel better, though. My friends missed a bunch, but that was ok, because Glurp jumped onto the dragon’s back and stabbed him bunches! Then Glurp jumped off the dragon and landed safely back on the wagon. Yaa-haa, you dragon bastard! Leave Mot alone!

The big monster grabbed onto the side of the wagon and tried to claw Glurp. Dragonman blocked his attacks and shouted something at him that Glurp didn’t understand, right before using his big sword to wallop him! The kobold and Shiny hit each other a little bit, before Blinky burnt the dragon some more. Glurp missed the little lizard with his first attack, but Glurp went stabby on him with his next attack and shoved his corpse off the wagon.

The big dragon ran away and hurt our horsie, then knocked a tree down in front of the wagon. We all scrambled around on the wagon, taking some bumps and bruises, while we tried to slow down. Blinky saved Douvan by blinky-ing him to the ground and then used some magic hands to grab the reigns. Glurp jumped to the horsie and tugged on the reigns, trying hard to stop the horses, but Glurp was not strong enough. Shiny made the horsie feel better and then Dragonman pulled on me to almost stop us. Mot said some nice magic words to the beastie and it finally halted. Yay Mot!

We poured out of the wagon to finish off the stupid dragon. He was sitting up on a hill making fun of us, so we spread out and started hurting him. Dragonman started off by spitting a ball of fire at him and challenging him to fight him first. Dragonman is so tough, even if I don’t like Bahamoof! Glurp ducked behind a fallen tree and sent another bolt into the big scaly bastard. Blinky launched a wave of fire that missed Dragonman but burned the dragon lots. The big monster hopped down to the ground and really scared Shiny and Blinky, before blowing ice and snow over them.

My friends didn’t do too much against the lizard, but his claws didn’t do much to us either. Dragonman did more stabby with his sword and Mot used her music to confuse him. Glurp jumped onto his back again and went super stabby, before leaping off to safety. That must have made the dragon mad, because he tried to use his ice and snow breath on Glurp, but missed. Hehehehehe!

After an attack from Blinky and Shiny, the giant lizard bastard breathed more cold over the elf and Dragonman. The smaller lizard retaliated with another swing of his sword before Mot made it thunder and hurt the giant lizard some more. That let Glurp launch one last bolt into the back of the dragon’s head and take him down.

We divided up the dragon’s treasure, got back on the wagon with Douvy, and headed to Fallcrest. Glurp will let you know what happens there as soon as he can!


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