Harken's Heroes

Sir Keegan's Tomb

The door slams shut!

The heroes turned toward a set of double doors between the two altars and open them to find an ancient tomb. A skeleton wearing rusty armor and holding a shining long sword is sprawled on the steps leading to the sarcophogus and more words are written in blood on the walls of the room. After examining the room from the doorway, Bosephus advanced and attempted to retrieve the sword. The whole party was surprised when the tomb doors slammed shut and seperated them from the cleric. Bosephus was even more surprised when the skeleton rose to its feet and challenged him on why he was in the Keep.

With some fast talking from Bosephus, Mot, and D’kar, and some fast lockpicking by the gnome and Glurp, the party was soon reunited and earned the favor of Sir Keegan, last lord of the Keep. He gave the party information on his part in the Keep’s downfall, provided some vague details on the lower areas of the Keep, and gave his magic sword (Aecris) to D’kar. He also warned the party that powerful undead forces were attacking Winterhaven and that their help was desperately needed to defend the town.


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