Harken's Heroes

Return to the Crypt of Shadows

"Did you have a bad dream last night or something, D'kar?"

The heroes bid farewell to Giya and returned to the Keep, eager to take the fight to Kalarel and stop the completion of his ritual. Before they descended the steps, a ranger stepped out of the woods and told them of a group of Hobgoblins and prisoners that had entered shortly ahead of them. Chet Swordswinger then joined the party as they descended the steps into the former Goblin Guard Room. A blur of green flesh surprised them as it flew out of the darkness, only to reveal itself to be Glurp, eager to rejoin his friends as they continued their adventure.

As the party returned to the Shadowy Crypt where they fought the zombies earlier, they noticed a sudden change had come over D’kar. The brave paladdin seemed to shy away from his normal “lead the attack approach” and was skittish, especially around the strange glyphs marring the symbols of Bahamut on the floor.

After failing to determine the cause of his issues, Ganassi and Bosephus managed to disable a dark symbol and seem to restore a little bit of the dragonborn’s confidence. The party continued through the area looking for a way deeper into the Keep and disabling symbols as they went.

They passed through a chamber that contained only debris and some flattened corpses and continued through some more twisted passage ways, until they arrived at stairs that headed downwards. Before heading down the steps Ganassi disabled one last symbol and noticed a secret door in the walls near it.


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