Harken's Heroes

Return to Phyrexia, Part 2

I'm Sailing!

The party entered the Creature Containment room, surprised to see that all the strange beasts were still in their cages. It wasn’t long before a trio of machines attacked the party, using teleportation darts to trap them in some of the cages. It wasn’t too long before they got back out and rejoined the fight! Scarab turned the tables on the constructs and used a dart to put it in a cage with a very angry Ettin. They left the two creatures to battle it out and headed to the ship building area.

After a couple false starts the group figured out how to use the ship building machinery and crafted a swift elemental galleon. They began their journey across the Great Sea. Scarab noticed an armada of ships traveling towards Perthburg, but the group decided to continue their mission as planned. As they neared the far shore an ancient Phryexian vessel, manned by undead sailors rose from the deep and attacked them.

Bosephus used his divine powers to drive the undead back, while D’kar used his might to destroy their captain. Mot steered the ship clear just before the undead wreck sunk back beneath the waves.

After beaching their ship and heading to shore, the group made a stealthy advance under the cover of darkness. Scarab and Mot both attacked sleeping harpies perched in the tops of palm trees. Scarab strangled his target, preventing it from using its screeching song to harm his allies. The battle drew the attention of a bulette (landshark), which attempted to devour friend and foe alike. Bosephus and D’kar both jumped onto the back of the great beast, quickly destroying it.

Ahead of them was an overgrown path into the jungle, which would lead them to an ancient Phyrexian outpost.


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