Harken's Heroes

Prelude to a busy night...

You'd think they'd all be tired...

After Mot completed her song (I don’t know why she didn’t mention that awesome old farmer), the group ate some food and eventually made their way back to the townhouse for some much deserved rest. As D’kar told me later, it wasn’t the quiet night that everyone hoped to have!

Bosephus had some sort of strange half adventure/half dream, as he sought treasure alone on that night. He almost met his fate at the hand of some unruly undead, before he was saved by the divine intervention of Pelor. The cleric decided that was enough to abandon his old ways and turn away from the Platinum Dragon, much to D’kar’s chagrin.

Mot, perhaps in pursuit of some magical power of her own to impress Ganassi, made a pact with some sort of fey creature, allowing her to cast spells of her own. The stoic Eladrin wasn’t very impressed.

Ganassi himself managed to acquire a small dragonling for a familar. Maybe he discovered some sort of spell from one of his books that allowed him to do it…

Anyway, once that was all sorted out the party finally got a fitful night’s sleep and prepared to adventure the next day.


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