Harken's Heroes

Liberating Thunderspire

"I'll castrate your sons and impregnate your daughters!"

The heroes attacked Brugg, quickly bringing the massive ogre down with some of their most powerful attacks. After opening the secret door to the hidden teleportation circle they headed up to the tower of Zaamdul. There they faced an enemy from their past, a shadow version of the mage Kalarel. They destroyed him and his zombie minions and then entered a large chamber. There the wizard Paldemar confronted the party and tried to stop them from interfering with his plans to flood the Nentir Vale with a necrotic sea. Though the fight was difficult, they eventually triumphed! Bone-weary, they returned to the Seven Pillared Hall for some rest and to wrap up some loose ends. They soon were presented with another chance at adventure.

The Heroes of Harken cornered Brugg near some houses and attacked him their tongues and their weapons. Bosephus led the charge and despite the ogre’s best attacks he was soon defeated. The duergar that were supporting him fled for their lives, while the remaining enforcers were killed. After quickly regrouping, the party followed the silver key to a secret chamber that teleported them to the toe top of mountain.

There they entered the Undead Temple of Zaamdul. At the entrance the group was confronted by the shadow mage, Kalarel and his zombie minions. D’kar led the charge against the minion of Orcus and quickly destroyed him once and for all. Scarab felt his power grow as his Shield of Shadows increased.

The group entered the Shrine of Undeath, which was dominated by a massive statue of Orcus and four magical glowing pillars. They confronted the evil wizard Paldemar and tried to stop him from flooding the whole Nentir Vale. The group fought a very difficult battle against the former acolyte, his undead minions, and a bronze warder. They barely managed to stop him in time. After destroying Paldemar’s infernal machine, the group cleaned out his personal effects and returned to the Seven Pillared Hall.

Completely drained, they party headed to the Inn for some much needed rest. The following morning they attended the funeral being held for the fallen citizens for the Seven Pillared Hall. After a rewarding meeting with the Mages of Saruun, the group shopped and then relaxed in the Inn. During their evening meal, they were surprised by the appearance of a priest of Pelor named Grundelmar and a high priest of Bahamut named Arwin.

The two priests stories became intertwined as they discussed a necromancer and his mercenary allies that were trying to plunder a temple of Pelor. Despite the fact that temple sits at the bottom of a lake, the party agreed to try and save the artifacts hidden there.


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