Harken's Heroes

Finishing the Well and Returning to the Hall

Not Gendar!

You continued your exploration of the Well of Demons, looking for the final item. In a hall with twisted, moving pillars, you found it, along with a host of demons. With a fighting retreat, you recovered the Bell and headed back into the Proving Grounds. The party split up and activated the traps and creatures there. After a tough fight against a demonic minotaur, their health was restored and they entered the Inner Sanctum. There they discovered the last missing Mage of Saruun, along with some orcs and a Bronze Warder. After a pitted battle against the orcs, you were victorious and recovered a spherical key. The key led you back to the Seven Pillared Hall, where you found a pitched battle already in progress between Brugg’s minions and the citizens of the Hall. The party joined the fight, for better or worse…

After a tough battle in the Hall of the Crimson Whip, the recovered party entered the next chamber in search of the bell. Multiple pillars of writhing demonic forms were scattered throughout the room. The party spread out, searching for the Bell. D’kar spotted it on an altar at the end of the room and Ganassi began making his way there, counting on his teleportation skills to save him from danger. He was right to worry, as demons morphed out of the pillars and attacked the party. Fortunately they were pathetic and didn’t do much damage to the group. Ganassi escaped and the rest of the party easily retreated into the Proving Grounds.

After inadvertently activating the bell, the party spread out and placed the items to activate the entrance to the Inner Sanctum. With a roar a number of traps activated, trying to keep the party apart while a Demonic Minotaur moved in to attack. The group moved quickly to join back together and face this new threat. Once they were all together, the minotaur was rapidly disposed of.

The party received a healing boost and then passed through a strange fog barrier into the Inner Sanctum, where they found a mage and some orcs. Scarab led the attack on the orcs, after-which D’kar rushed in and attacked. He was late in noticing the Bronze Warder lurking ominously in the corner of the room. Once it joined the fight things got a bit more challenging, but once the orc it was ordered to protect was killed, it stopped in its tracks. D’kar found a magical amulet and Scarab found a key that showed him the way to Paldemar’s hidden sanctuary.

It led them through the labyrinth and back to the Seven Pillared Hall, where they found a pitched battle underway. Ganassi and Scarab worked out a deal to assassinate Gendar the Drow, while the rest of the party attempted to aid the citizens battling for their lives against Brugg and his cronies. Bosephus headed toward the ogre’s group, while they battled the weakened Mages of Saruun, in an attempt at revenge. Partway through the battle, the Bronze Warders were called away and began the Song of Breaking. It was clear that Paldemar’s plans were coming to fruition. The battle was turning against the people of the Hall, but the timely arrival of the remaining Bloodreavers turned the tide (Warchief Krand). With Brugg’s forces scattered, the ogre fled, until he was corned by the Heroes of Harken…


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