Harken's Heroes

Falling Leaves Part 1

Welcome to the Fey Wild!

After their time in the Astral Plane, the party was sent to the Murkendraw Swamp in the Fey Wild. They followed Mot and Ganassi north toward a river, encountering and evil hag and her pets on the way.

They spent the night with Mot’s parents at their bakery, before heading up the river to the Twilight Sea. Once there, they transported the baked goods on a magical Swan boat over the sea to Astrazalian, the City of Twilight. On the journey they learned that the Elder Librarian had recently died and that they were in the process of electing a new one.

After delivering the baked goods and going to check out the city’s Grand Library, the party ran into Alyssa Rennanalden, Ganssi’s mother. Though the reunion was chilly between the two, the rest of the party was warmly welcomed. They also were introduced to Arkenndar, her companion. The eladrin wizard offered to pay for their stay in the most expensive Inn in town.

While Scarab was checking out the town, the party enjoyed dinner at the Inn. The next morning they were summoned to meet with Lady Shandria. The party resisted, but when they found out Scarab was a suspect in two murders committed over night, they went along willingly.

The Lady explained that the murder victims were both candidates for Elder Librarian and that she needed them to investigate. With everything going on with the city’s defenses and the power struggles of the eladrin nobles, she needed the party’s help.

The group agreed and gathered information from both crime scenes. Only time will tell where the clues will lead them…


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