Harken's Heroes

Drowning Sun Part 2


The party continued deeper into the tempe, fighting some grusome monsters in the depths of the cleansing chamber. After exploring the priests chambers and the infimary, they encountered a bunch of frozen undead creatures in the chief priest’s quarters. They gathered some supplies and proceeded into the Central Chamber, where they worked on a puzzle to open a door into the temple’s inner sanctum. They fought a strange brain in a jar and some traps, before using a beam of sunlight to finish unlocking the door and proceeded to the inner area of the temple. Two large statues attempted to bar there way, but Mot used the Song of Breaking to make short work of them. Using rubble from the statues to weigh down a pressure plate, the party entered a room dominated by a massive icon of Pelor. This turned out to be final test of the god, which the party managed to deactivate. We’ll see what awaits them below the altar…

After cleansing the altar in the entrance, the party advanced deeper into the Temple of the Sun Father. They entered a cleansing chamber, full of filthy water. Bosephus didn’t check the water’s depth carefully and plunged into the fetid water, to be attacked by an Otyugh and some ghouls. The party made quick work of them, using their radiant powers to their fullest.

Once they cleaned themselves off, the party explored the passage leading to the priests quarters and the infirmary. In the priests quarters they discovered some loot, some zombies, and a sack of consecrated earth. Not sure of what to do with it, the party took some with them and investigated the infirmary. There they discovered some useful potions, before moving on.

Next they entered the Chief Priest’s Quarters, where they found the ground frozen over. Chillborn zombies and frozen skeletons attacked the party, but they soon fell to Ganassi’s fire attacks and the holy strikes of D’kar and Bosephus. While rummaging through the priest’s desk they discovered some consecrated seeds, which they also took along.

The next room was dominated by a large mosaic dedicated to the god Pelor. On either side of the main door were some niches that the party quickly figured out needed to contain some of the dirt, some of the seeds and some fresh water. They quickly headed upstairs in search of a way to light up the sun portion of the mosaic.

Upstairs they discovered a ransacked library, being guarded by a brain in a jar. This strange creature attacked them and lured them into a bunch of traps. It wasn’t long before the creature was destroyed and the arcane turrets were put out of commission. They didn’t find much of interest in the readable books, but they used a mirror to direct sunlight and open the door below.

Going through it, they discovered two large statues on top of pressure plate. When they moved off of it, the door ahead of them shut, preventing forward progress. The party engaged the statues in battle and quickly disabled them. After transferring some rubble back to the pressure plate, the door ahead opened.

A massive symbol of Pelor hung above the altar ahead of them in the next room, while decorated columns loomed over alcoves lining the walls. A bright beam of radiant light burned down the hallway, causing some of the party to dive for cover. Ganassi led the charge and started moving the large stone altar aside, before being joined by D’kar and Scarab. BFG, Mot, and Glurp were taken by surprise when the pillars slid down and nearly crushed them in the alcoves, but quick work by the goblin thief disabled one of them. Bosephus managed to disable the giant symbol for a short time, giving the group the break they needed to move the altar completely and shut down the trap.

What lies down the staircase below the altar stone?


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