Harken's Heroes

Death's Tomb (Part 2 and 3)

The Necromancer finally gets his.

The party opened the massive gate and passed beyond the black ice wall. Beyond it they saw the ruined skull shaped castle of Nerull, former god of death. Being wary not to alert any of the roaming undead on their way, they entered a once hidden temple beneath the fortress. They discovered a large throne room, encircled by altars and imagery of the dying. Six portals lined the walls, but only four of them remained operational. After examining all the portals, D’kar elected to head through the one named “Shrine to Nerull”. He was suprised when he arrived 20 feet above the floor, but quickly unfurled his dragonborn wings to make a soft landing. He examined the shrine to find a large image of a skull carved into the floor and not much else besides a strong magic aura. The Dragonborn teleported back to the other room and reported what he saw.

Bosephus, using his ring of Feather Fall, allowed everyone to arrive safely in the shrine, so that Ganassi could use his arcane powers to learn more about it. As the group teleported away, Scarab used his powers to snatch an Astral Diamond from Nerull’s former throne, taking a bit of damage in the process. He quickly joined the others, only slightly worse for wear.

The Eladrin wizard determined that six crystal keys were needed to open the Tomb of Nerull, and that three of them were already in place. With this new found knowledge, the party returned to the main hall and entered the teleportation arch named “Shrine to Amoth”. Using their knowledge of history and religion, the group knew that Amoth was a former god of justice and mercy that had been slain by Orcus and Demogorgan in ages past.

The party arrived in a cold room, facing large obsidian walls. Using his arcane power, Ganassi sensed a gem they were seeking on the far side of the room. Following their Eladrin mage, the party sees large tapestries depicting the charge of Amoth and his army against the combined army of Demogorgan and Orcus. As they advanced further into the room the tapestries shift and change into a scene depicting the downfall of Amoth at the hands of the demon lords. Ganassi attempted to mage hand the gem, but was repulsed by its arcane power. As he recovered, the tapestries shifted again and aspects of Orcus and Demogorgon emerged to attack the heroes.

After a hard fought battle, the party managed to destroy the two creatures and Ganassi used his arcane magic to attune himself to the crystal key. Once attuned he was able to safely remove it from the shrine.

Following a short rest, the group of adventurers entered the portal to the Archives. There they found shelves and shelves of books and a strange dial like device. The books all contained names starting with the letter ‘A’. After some investigating, they party attempted to find a book referencing Nerull and turned the dial to the symbol for ‘N’. Ganassi determined through his magical senses that a “death close to him” would lead him to the magical crystal he was seeking.

Bosephus found the book that contained Nerull’s entry and Glurp read it out loud. An image showing the demise of the former god of the dead appeared on a platform in the middle of the room. Not finding the crystal, the party searched out a number of other entries, including that of Ganassi’s father, Dkar’s mentor Arwen, Gendar the Drow, and finally Scarab’s former body, Jahnklein. This final image revealed the crystal key the party was seeking. Scarab was able to pick it up, already being attuned to it, and the party left the archives.

The group entered the Shrine to Turen and found a large cavern, the floor of which was littered with bodies, broken weapons, and discarded armor. As the party advanced to the gem key on the far side of the room, the armor formed into massive patchwork creatures that moved in to attack.

The party used spells and melee attacks to advance into the room, when the large piles of ruined weapons formed into massive cyclones that spun and shredded anything in their path.

After weathering the damage from both sources, the party was able to destroy the armor guardians and inflict damage on the whirling weapons. Ganassi then prayed to Turen and invoked the War God’s favor to end the battle, as the party clearly had proven it’s valor. D’kar used his connection with Bahamut to attune himself to the final crystal.

The party returned to the “Shrine to Nerull” and used their various skills to avoid the 20 foot drop to the floor. Ganassi, ever the showman, used magehand to try and place his gem into one of the key slots, not bothering to check if it was the right one. Necrotic energies pulsed through the chamber, damage everyone inside. Learning from the wizard’s mistake, D’kar prayed to Bahamut for guidance and knew which slot to place his key in. Ganassi guessed and failed again, further damaging the party. Glurp, fed up with his idiocy, used his knowledge of gems to deflect the returning key to the correct slot. Scarab, having waited patiently, placed his in the only remaining opening.

The swirling teleportation energy in the skull’s mouth changed to red and black, indicating that the new location was active. After a short rest to regain their strength, the group teleported through. Upon entering the vast chamber, they encountered a massive figure rising from the tomb of the dead god. The necromancer, Kel’thuzad, had converted Nerull’s body into a massive flesh golem, after sending the God slaying weapon on to Orcus.

During the exchange of blows, the necromancer informed the party that he had tried to convert D’kar to his side until his egg was rescued by the paladin’s of Bahamut. With his prize lost, Kel’thuzad used his lackeys (and Bosephus) to get Alphonse Glimguardian converted to his side.

The battle raged on and the parties most damaging attacks peeled the flesh and bone from the golem. With one final flamestrike from Ganassi, the shell exploded and knocked the adventurers backwards. The necromancer emerged floating above the party, to continue the attack. After being pulled to the ground by Ganassi’s teleportation magic, the party piled on the damage. D’kar avenged his mentor, Arwen, by striking the final blow against the evil Necromancer.

Using a scroll the party returned to Arshaka’s chamber in Sigil and reported that the god slaying weapon had eluded their grasp. The crystal being promised to find them a way to Thanatos, Orcus’ kingdom, while they rested after their hard fought victory.

What new horrors await them there?


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