Harken's Heroes

Crypt of Shadows

Zombies?! Is that the best you can do?

After a restless night sleeping in the Keep, the adventurer’s woke up from horrible nightmares that sapped their strength. Once they learned a couple new rituals from the last few pages of the enchanter’s books, they gathered up their supplies, and Glurp, before heading through the last door they had not explored. They found themselves descending into a pitch black crypt, populated by rats, cobwebs, dirt, and coffins in niches along the walls. With a little exploration they discovered a cluster of zombies in one of the side rooms and easily dispatched them, using fire, sword, song, and divine light to deliver them into the arms of the Raven Queen.

Taken a few minutes to check their surroundings, they noticed a slight silvery light coming from a nearby hallway and more blood scrawled messages on the walls. They heard some shuffling and low moans coming from the darkened hallways behind them, so they spread out and quickly dealt with another wave of the shambling undead.

Giya noticed a strange symbol on the floor and the group spent a few moments examining it before deciding to investigate the ghostly light coming from the south instead of trying to overcome the dangerous magical runes.


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