Harken's Heroes

Continuing the Horned Hold

"Is that another beholder? And a mindflayer?"

Harken’s Heroes continued to make their way through the back entrance of the Horned Hold. They fought an ancient minotaur blacksmith and his minions, dodging the attacks from his necrotic forges. Unable to discover a way across the shattered bridge to the northern bastion, the group headed west. Halfway across the bridge they we swarmed by spiders, though they made quick work of the young arachnids. After breezing through some servant’s quarters, they entered a large great hall surrounded by terrifying creatures. Discovering they were only stuffed and mounted monsters, the group was soon attacked by the rooms true terrors. A giant spider attacked from the roof while a swarm of it’s young poured out of a bloated beholder. More spiders and some centipedes also joined the attack. The smart members of the group poured damage onto the giant spider and then moped up the rest of the bugs with relative ease. Opting to ignore the signs of inhabitance across the remaining bridge, the party stormed the remaining bastion only to be stopped short by a solid door. Thanks to an inventive tactic by Scarab the door was opened. The party took out their frustrations on the duergar and constructs within, letting none escape alive.

The group stealthily made their way further into the hold, passing many minotaur corpses. It appeared that they had stumbled onto an ancient civil war. Bypassing mostly empty rooms, they entered an ancient smithy, where they were attacked by a massive skeletal minotaur and his legions. After defeating the beast, Scarab received a boon from the Raven Queen, outlining who he must slay in order to be free of his servitude. The group looted a hidden chest and then proceeded over an intact bridge.

Half way across they were swarmed by a large amount of young spiders that met with limited success. It seemed like the party couldn’t miss as they struck down spiders left and right, before making their way into the next bastion of the Horned Hold, securely closing the door behind them.

After quickly exploring some servant quarters, the group entered the hold’s great hall. A large table was still set for some ancient feast and hideous creatures stood at the walls around the room. The party quickly realized that they trophy creatures from the minotaur’s heyday, but that was when the real threat attacked. A massive doomspinner spider dropped from the ceiling as more insects swarmed out of hiding places all over the room. After focusing and dropping the massive spider, the group quickly moped up the rest of the creatures before taking a few prizes from around the chamber.

Ignoring a few signs that creatures were lurking in the chamber head, the party charged boldly (some might say brashly) across the bridge to the Hold’s last bastion. They were immediately met with heavy crossbow fire and stopped by a heavily locked and bared door. After a few futile attempts to open it, Scarab teleported inside to help Mot open it, before turning on the constructs and duergar guarding the door. Once they made it inside, Bosephus Felisardo Glimguardian and Ganassi Rananalden used some of their most damaging attacks to obliterate the opposition, leaving no enemies alive!


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