Harken's Heroes

About town...

Just leave us alone so we can go kill the kobolds already!

The adventurers met Thair Coalstriker on their way out of the townhouse, as he dropped off their newly repaired armor. The good natured dwarf told them about his shop, before returning to work and the party headed off to take care of things around town.

Mot and Bosephus purchased supplies while D’kar and Ganassi visited the Inn for breakfast. They were a bit disappointed in Sylvana’s selection, but she told them that the town’s supplies were dwindling rapidly for fear of the robbers. This hardened their resolve, but before they could leave, they met Valthrun the Prescient on his way in for his morning meal. The sage asked after his friend Douvan Stahl, having heard that the party had gone looking for him. He was disturbed to hear that he had gone missing and further disturbed to hear that people had been looking for some sort of magic artifact in the old dragon burial ground. Valthrun borrowed the artifact for further study and promised to let the party know if he discovered anything interesting about it or the burial ground.

As the party headed toward the gate they were accosted by one of the Regular’s, asking them to come to the jail. There they found Rond Kelfem and a dead Rakesh. After a confrontation between the groups where accusations flew, Rond went to see what he could find out about the patrols the night before, while the party examined the scene of the crime. Even Ganassi’s new ritual didn’t help them much in discovering who had committed such a heinous act, so the group decided to head out of town. On their way, Delphina Moongem presented a token of favor to D’kar and wished the party good luck…


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