Harken's Heroes

A beginning and an ending.

We'll do anything for beer!

Kicks long winded narrator out of the way

’ello there lads and lassies! My name is Elian and I’ll be taking over this story from now on. You’ll be old and gray like me by the time this blow hard finishes the tale and I’d be dead and turned to dust.

Anyway, the noble adventurer’s wrapped things up in the old tomb and headed back to the Cliffside Brewery, to collect their reward. After a short conversation with Old Kellar and a couple more free drinks, they were approached by the brewmaster himself, Revan Stonebreaker. Seems his shipments of ale and the people tasked to take them were going missing on the way to Winterhaven (so THAT’s why my supply dried up!) and he needed someone to investigate. Being the noble adventurer’s that they are, the party agreed to help out, out of the kindness of their hearts (and the emptiness of their wallets).

After a well earned rest, they set out along the Old King’s road, heading towards Fallcrest.


jrbeers717 jrbeers717

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