Imperial calendar


The Imperial year consists of 10 months, each 40 days in length, with a week lasting 8 days. A day is 24 hours long, each hour containing 60 minutes, and each minute containing 60 seconds. Both the am/pm notation and the 24-hour military notation are recognized and used by most people.

The year is also divided into 5 seasons of 2 months each. A year is considered to start on 1 Aprecia.

Structure of a Month

Because of the even divison of the numbers involved, each day of the week will always fall on one of 5 dates, no matter what the month. Every month looks like this:

Mondoon (M) Trinden (T) Willon (W) Thandon (Th) Freenzen (F) Sarturn (Sa) Sulpeen (Su) Extrune (E)

Sarturn, Sulpeen, and Extrune are often collectively referred to as “the weekend,” though some include the period of time from dusk to midnight on Freenzen in that period also. For the religiously-inclined, Sarturn afternoons are usually devoted to prayer to the gods, either at altars in the local temples or within personal residences.


The seasons are named primarily by the farming activities that occur during them. The weather characteristics of each listed below are based on the most populated areas; naturally, weather patterns differ the further out of settled territory one goes.

Planting [Aprecia (APR) – Maizan (MAI)]

This season begins at the start of the year at midnight on 1 Aprecia and lasts until the end of 40 Maizan. It is characterized by mild weather and low amounts of rain.

Growing [Juent (JUE) – Jalesh (JAL)]

This season begins at midnight on 1 Juent and lasts until the end of 40 Jalesh. It is characterized by warm to hot weather, with periodic rains and occasional thunderstorms.

Harvest [Aggrenta (AGG) – Serpentia (SER)]

This season begins at midnight on 1 Aggrenta and lasts until the end of 40 Serpentia. It is characterized by mild to slightly chilly weather and light rains.

Feast [Descendo (DES) – Janvanive (JAN)]

This season begins at midnight on 1 Descendo and lasts until the end of 40 Janvanive. It is characterized by cold weather and icy rains and/or snow.

Preparation [Ferrunt (FER) – Markell (MAR)]

This season begins at midnight on 1 Ferrunt and lasts until the end of 40 Markell, the last day of the year. It is characterized by chilly to mild weather and strong winds with occasional light rains.

Holidays and Other Notable Dates

1 Aprecia

New Year’s Day. Celebrations are generally held and people make plans to begin a new, or change aspects of themselves they dislike.

27 Maizan

The former empire of the land had been established on 27 MAI 1 NID by the new calendar. The empire is so far removed from present memory that only historians really note this date.

4 Jalesh

Historians generally agree that 4 JAL 179 was the day in which the former empire finally collapsed. Certainly, many factors contributed for months leading up to that date, but historians agree that what remained on 5 JAL 179 could not be called an empire.

25 Aggrenta

Good Harvest Day. Farming communities in particular celebrate this day as the completion of the first 3 weeks of Harvest season lead to an abundant food supply. The day is less celebrated in the few more urban areas of the world.

40 Serpentia

Nature Spirits Day. Those who care to think about the spirits of nature set aside this day, at the end of Harvest season, to give thanks to those spirits for the bounty of the land. Children also enjoy dressing in costume and trying to scare each other after dark with frightening tales.

9-16 Descendo

Though no real name exists for this time, this week near the beginning of Feast is generally set aside for visiting friends and relatives, particularly those living elsewhere. It is a good time to travel because the weather has only just started getting uncomfortably cold and the ice and snow that would make travel difficult are generally a few weeks away.

Gift-giving will occur more often than not while folks are visiting each other, though it is not a requisite part of this time of year.

40 Markell

New Year’s Eve. Celebrations are held starting in the evening and culminating in a countdown to midnight.

Imperial calendar

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