Harken's Heroes

Death's Tomb (Part 1)
Son of Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeter!

The party says goodbye to Kixie the Gnome and head through the crossing to return to the Feywild. Carrying the injured Alphonse Glimguardian, they travel back to Astrazalian. After finding healers that will care for the injured warrior, the party returns to the Karitas tavern looking for a way to Sigil.

While at the tavern, they learn from Lornleaf that they may be able to find the location of Pluton from the Crystal of Knowledge. Hoping to stop Kel’thuzad from recovering the god slaying weapon that the Raven Queen used to kill Nerull, they quickly head through the portal and enter the city.

Scarab and Mot ask around and get information about a tournament taking place, with the winners getting a chance to use the Crystal of Knowledge. The party enters the tournament just in time and prepare to meet their opponent, after checking out the rest of the competition. As they enter the arena, Mot was surprised to find a foe from her past as their opponent. Brawn pulled out all the stops, summoning creatures from the parties past and delving into the parties minds, before eventually being taken down.

The party is eventually brought back into the arena for their second battle. As the crowd begins to erupt, their opponent is introduced, the Son of Skeeter! After a difficult battle, the half-orc conceded to the Harken’s Heroes.

Skeeter Jr. leads them through the streets to the Clerk’s Ward and into one of the large knowledge brokerage houses. Once they reach the top floor they find that the Crystal of Knowledge isn’t a thing at all, but a nearly all-knowing Shard Mind.

The being tells them that to enter Pluton they will have to travel through one of the Lady’s mazes and search for a portal in the realm beyond. After each finding a unique way of getting the Lady’s attention, they make their way through individual mazes and arrive together on the strange plane of Regulus, home of the Modrons. These strange creatures of logic and reason didn’t seem to be much help at first, but the party eventually figured out a way to communicate with them. It took a trip all the way up to their leader and back, but the party eventually found a working portal to Pluton.

After arriving on the blasted plane the party confronted a group of undead characters blocking their way through a massive black ice wall. Unfortunately for the creatures, the parties radiant attack made short work of them. After opening the gate, the party prepared to advance to the ancient temple of Nerull.

What challenges would await them inside?

Light in the Gloom (Part 3)

After recovering the first three artifacts needed for the Widow of the Walk, the party returned to the Raven’s Aerie to look for a mithril helmet. The tiefling D’kar rescued at the hanging wall turned out to be a member of the Ebony Guard, and let the party into the deeper parts of the temple. There the party met up with Razvahn Mazlay, the shadar-kai leader in Astrazalian. Knowing the party to be noble warriors that honored the Raven Queen, he let the party take the helmet for use in stopping Orcus’ plot.

Next the party followed Scarab to the headquarters of the Ghost Talon, shadar-kai zealots that despise all other races. While D’kar and Bosephus distracted the guards, the stealthy assassin jumped over the fence surrounding their compound. With a little help from Ganassai, Scarab managed to steal the dagger they were looking for, without being detected.

Having found all the relics, the adventurers returned to the Widow of the Walk and presented them to the ghost. Overjoyed at being reunited with her long lost children, the widow told the players about the Deadman’s Cross, and it’s ability to transport creatures to any location in the Shadowfell. With the knowledge that they could sneak into Prince Roland’s castle without having to fight his private army, the adventurers headed back to Kixie’s for a well deserved rest.

Unfortunately they were ambushed by the Ghost Talon on the way, as the sister of the Shardar-Kai that was imprisoned in Astrazalian came to seek her revenge. It didn’t take the party long to wipe her out and send her remaining lackeys fleeing into the night.

Following a well deserved rest, the heroes headed towards the crossroads outside the city. After passing an abandoned mansion and a disappearing inn, they arrived at the Deadman’s Cross without incident. Ganassi used his arcane prowess to open the portal into the Deathless Palace and the party rushed through, in time to see Kel’thuzad escape into a portal of his own. The evil Necromancer left Alphonse Glimguardian behind, in the hopes that he could stop the party once and for all. A vicious fight ensued, one that was quickly joined by an ancient Dracolich. The combined might of the party proved too strong and once Alphonse had been weakened enough, he began to return to his old self. BFG embraced his brother as the party prepared to fend off Prince Roland and his guards.

Fortunately, a group of gargoyles that were not loyal to the prince burst through the windows and carried the party away just in time. The group was deposited on the Isle of Stars, where they were met by Kixie and a halfling that operated a portal into the Feywild. The strange gnome let the group know that she had been visited by a disguised Bahamut and he had warned her that they might need rescuing. After the party told the gnome how they managed to get into the palace, they quickly entered the portal to the Feywild and learned what plans Kel’thuzad had by question Alphonse.

They learned he was looking for the weapon that the Raven Queen used to kill Nerull, former God of Death. To find him they would need to discover a way to enter his forgotten realm, Pluton.

Light in the Gloom (Part 2)
Fetch Quests!

The party followed Mr. Stinky’s lead and headed to the Sunken Isles to find the Widow of the Walk, after stopping for some drinks at a graveyard adjacent bar. This time spent loitering had a negative effect on all the party members except Mot, who was too cheerful to be saddened. At nightfall the group found the ghost crossing a bridge and approached her, asking for her assistance. With a scream, she turned and attacked. The group attempted to subdue her, but she possessed them in turn and had them attack each other. Thinking they were one of her lost children, the party inflicted grievous wounds on each other, before rousing her out of her madness.

In the grieving ghosts few moments of clarity, she told them to recover the items of her lost children. With them she would be free and be able to assist the party in getting to Alphonse Glimguardian. On their way out of the Sunken Isles, the members of the party each had a vision of an artifact that needed to be recovered. BFG told everyone of the large axe he saw in a mausoleum being held by a vampire. He also heard the cries of a young girl in the background of the vision. The party rushed to Graveyard and were met by a floating skull that directed them to the correct tomb. Their the party attacked a par of vampire brothers and their minions. Scarab stole the needed axe and the party rescued the girl and killed most of the vampires. D’kar returned the girl to her parents at the carnival and were rewarded with a protection from Gloomwrought’s depressing climate.

Ganassi Rananalden next lead the party to a guild of shadow mages, looking for a magic staff. At the only door they found on the first floor, the group found a circle of magic runes on the wall. As he examined it, the wizard the the inebriated cleric were pulled inside. Glurp and Mot soon followed, leaving the two dragonborns searching for their own way in.

BFG, Glurp, Mot, and Ganassi found themselves in a trapped room that had slots in the ceiling and floor. As they started to explore around the room necrotic water began pouring in, creating walls they had to find their way through. Outside D’kar used his Paladin powers to break through one of the windows on the third and landed in an apprentice mages room. Scarab sprouted temporary wings and landed lightly next to him, before securing robes to disguise themselves.

Ganassi tried one of the doors in the trapped room and discovered the exit. He entered it, only to be trapped in a never-ending hallway. No matter how far he walked, he could never each the doors at either end! While Glurp and Mot tried to disable the slots of water and dealt with a few drowned zombies, BFG managed to find the off switch and turn off the trap.

Meanwhile D’kar and Scarab avoided the mages that came to investigate the noise of the broken window and headed down through the building searching for the staff. They eventually arrived in a puzzle room the same time the other party members figured out a way to leave the never-ending ending hallway. Together they figured out how to open the trick mirror in the room and finally arrived in the library containing the magical staff. A quick conversation later and they were on their way.

Mot directed everyone to the entrance to the Undercity, where they were let in by the Keeper that Scarab had rescued from the witches hut. After navigating some caverns where Keepers were repairing and reshaping parts of the city, they arrived at a room full of castaway corners of streets, walls, and homes. As they searched it for the necklace, a False Keeper arrived to attack them, creating golemns out of castaway pieces of the city. The partly smartly focused their attacks on him, and once he was down the golemns collapsed as well. With their path clear, the party grabbed the necklace and headed back to the surface, eager to look for the last two artifacts.

Light in the Gloom (Part 1)
This place is weird.

LitG Part 1
Bunior and Clank notify the party that they have calculated the planar shift needed to return them to the Material Plane. After they bid farewell to their new friends (and D’kar’s family) in Phyrexia they board the airship once more.

After an uneventful voyage, they arrive above Thunderspire Mountain, where they hope to find a means through the Shadow Sea. It is hopeful they will be able to pursue Kel’Thuzad and Content Not Found: alphonse-glimguardian there and stop them once and for all.

Clank drops you off at the Minotaur Gate and you travel the Road of Lanterns once again, shortly arriving in the Seven Pillared Hall. Things had changed since the heroes’ last visit and the Hall had become a center of trade once again. The Durranos occupied Gender the Drow’s old shop, the Bloodreavers controlled the Trading Post with the Underdark, and the Mages of Saruun patrolled with their Warders, instead of hiding in their tower.

Ganassi inquired around about any relatives to the fallen Drow and finding none, he made a large anonymous donation to the Halfmoon Inn. The party inquired at the Mages tower and learned that a ship would be leaving for the Shadowfell and that they could have free passage aboard it.

During the crossing through the shadow waters, they were told to find Kixie in the Merchant’s Quarter and warned that worshippers of non-Raven Queen deities was frowned upon in the dark city. D’kar and Bosephus did not seem overly worried, however.

The City of Gloomwrought was a strange sight to the party when they arrived. Ghostly ships, undead dock workers, and parts of the city growing and dying on their own were just some of the weird things they witnessed. They wound their way through the streets until they found Kixie’s shop. This strange gnome agreed to help them as long as they retrieved the soul of a great hero she was tasked to aid. The party agreed to help her and she told them where to find the witch that stole the parcel. She was usually found in the Shattered Isles region of the City, but as it was still early in the day the group decided to explore the city before heading there.

The party explores the Merchant District before heading into the Fettered Ward to see the sights. There D’kar rescued someone from the Hanging Wall, they took in the sights at the Graveyard, and they all watched a performance at the Carnival. After the Carnival, they learned that the daughter of some of the performers had recently gone missing and promised to try and find her.

The group then made their way toward the Ghost Quarter/Shattered Isles and paused to visit the Temple District. There Scarab and D’kar stopped in Dragontown, before entering the Raven’s Aerie, the massive temple to the Raven Queen. While there, Scarab had a number of visions from his past, and remembered that he was once a paladin in her service.

The party eventually travels to the Ghost Quarter, home to Gloomwrought’s poor.

Soon they came across a woman who attempts to trick them into fighting the city guard. Bosephus did not believe her story and once reveled for the hag she is, the creature attacked. She wasn’t alone, however, as a nearby cottage sprouted legs and joined the fray. During the battle Scarab broke into the house and discovered a trapped Keeper within. While the party battled the hag the assassin freed the strange creature, causing the house to settle back to the ground. Shortly thereafter, D’kar removed her head to end the fight.

After Scarab recovered the parcel containing the stolen soul, the group returned to Kixie’s shop. The odd gnome took the party downstairs and used some sort of machine to put the soul into a strange patchwork body of her creation. It turned out to be Glurp, resurrected! After the party reunites with their lost comrade, they headed off to the Graveyard, where Kixie’s contact can be found.

Mot talked them passed a patrol of the Legion of the Risen Blades and they are escorted to a large mausoleum. Inside they find the leader of the undead in this area, a zombie named mr_stinky.jpg. It takes a few tries, but they eventually get some information out of him. He promises to get them some information, if they can free some undead workers under the control of a necromancer down at the docks.

The party decided to sleep at Kixie’s shop before visiting the docks in the morning. Upon arrival they find a number of skeletal and zombie workers carrying cargo around.

Bosephus is shocked to find that one of the massive zombies is all that remains of the ogre Brugg. Scarab crawled under the dock to remain hidden from the undead creatures and make his way toward the building he suspected the necromancer was in. The rest of the party created a distraction by committing to a frontal assault, including Ganassi teleporting two of the largest monsters into the blackened waters. It wasn’t long before they were devoured by beasts lurking below. With all their radiant powers the party made quick work of all of the undead, and took the necromancer prisoner.

They returned with him to Mr. Stinky and learned that Alphonse and Kel’thuzad were hiding in the Deathless Palace, home of Prince Roland. He said that getting in would be very difficult, without help and told them they should seek out the Widow of the Walk for more information.

The party set out to find this ghost and learn what they could…

Return to Phyrexia, Part 3
They got away again!

After Scarab investigated the Phyrexian outpost, the party opened the door and surveyed the scene. Inside they found a number of guard constructs and some old supplies. Ganassi led the attack by igniting some ancient wine barrels, while Scarab snuck in and used his assassin powers to their fullest. The ancient constructs were not much of match for the advanced party, even when two spinning blade traps dropped from the ceiling.

After the fight was over they discovered an ancient train in a cave at the back of the outpost. Using his lightning magic, Ganassi got it moving again. They traveled the rails for a while, before they reached a gap in the track created by some giant burrowing creature.

As they tried to move their train over the missing sections, they were set upon by a massive purple worm. Though he was granted invisibility by Mot, Bosephus was still swallowed by the creature. With their friend in dire straights, the group launched some of their more powerful attacks, until BFG managed to carve his way out from the inside. Scarab and D’kar launched themselves into the fray, standing on the writhing creature, until it finally managed to knock D’kar off. As it’s final desperate act, the worm swallowed D’kar, but Scarab landed a blow that killed it shortly thereafter, freeing the trapped paladin.

Following an uneventful train ride after that, the party ended up at the LifeForge. As they approached a door that had sounds of machinery coming from it, another of Scarab’s Boon began to glow. When the rushed inside, they were surprised to find an ancient Lich trapped in a magical field, it’s necrotic energies being used to power the construct army. Once they freed him from his bonds and his undead curse, the group headed out of the forge to find Alphonse Glimguardian. He was the one massing the undead army and now he was quite angry to find it destroyed.

With a roar, D’kar took the fight to the warrior, driven into a rage at the man who killed his mentor. The rest of the party dealt with the remaining constructs while Bosephus attempted to turn his brother back to the light. Though impaled at one point, D’kar still managed to deliver and number of deadly blows to Alphonse. At the last moment, some ghostly hands pulled him through a portal to the Shadowfell, robbing the party of their victory. Before it snapped shut, they caught a final glimpse of Kel’thuzad, the evil necromancer.

The party searched some nearby tents after the battle, discovering where the two had run off to, and recovered BFGs lost family treasure, the Cask of Liquid Gold.

After securing passage back to the mainland, the group arrived just in time to see the combined force of thri-kreen, dragonborn, and minotaurs wipe out the remaining constructs. As the group rested, their thoughts returned to Thunderspire Mountain and the shadowy lake it contained. Could it provide passage to the Shadowfell? Maybe the Mages of Saruun would be able to help…

Return to Phyrexia, Part 2
I'm Sailing!

The party entered the Creature Containment room, surprised to see that all the strange beasts were still in their cages. It wasn’t long before a trio of machines attacked the party, using teleportation darts to trap them in some of the cages. It wasn’t too long before they got back out and rejoined the fight! Scarab turned the tables on the constructs and used a dart to put it in a cage with a very angry Ettin. They left the two creatures to battle it out and headed to the ship building area.

After a couple false starts the group figured out how to use the ship building machinery and crafted a swift elemental galleon. They began their journey across the Great Sea. Scarab noticed an armada of ships traveling towards Perthburg, but the group decided to continue their mission as planned. As they neared the far shore an ancient Phryexian vessel, manned by undead sailors rose from the deep and attacked them.

Bosephus used his divine powers to drive the undead back, while D’kar used his might to destroy their captain. Mot steered the ship clear just before the undead wreck sunk back beneath the waves.

After beaching their ship and heading to shore, the group made a stealthy advance under the cover of darkness. Scarab and Mot both attacked sleeping harpies perched in the tops of palm trees. Scarab strangled his target, preventing it from using its screeching song to harm his allies. The battle drew the attention of a bulette (landshark), which attempted to devour friend and foe alike. Bosephus and D’kar both jumped onto the back of the great beast, quickly destroying it.

Ahead of them was an overgrown path into the jungle, which would lead them to an ancient Phyrexian outpost.

Return to Phyrexia Part 1

After the party boarded the airship they met with Bunior Spellfall and Clank. The two Phyrexians filled them in on the adventures of The Expendables and D’kar’s Great-Great Grandfather, Acidaar, the Destroyer.

They also learned that their world had become embroiled in a war against necrotically powered constructs built at a LifeForge thought destroyed by The Expendables. Bunior thought that the attacks were being led by a lich named Caludrin Farill, since he created the only known airship in Phyrexia and they had recently been attacked by a fleet of small airships. The party agreed to help in anyway they could, as they jumped into Phyrexia and flew toward Perthburg.

As they approached the town, they noticed a large number of ships were heading toward the beach and unloading an army of constructs. Not long after their ship was surrounded by small airships and the group took to the deck to repel boarders and clear their path to the city. Ganassi used his arcane might to rain fire down on one of the airships, while D’kar leapt aboard one of the airships and used it to smash into the other one and drive them from the skies. The battle on the deck didn’t go as well at first, as Bosephus was severely injured by a dangerous Phryexian Construct. He was saved by the quick thinking of Scarab and Mot.

Once the skies were clear they jumped from the airship and landed in the middle of Perthburg. A massive retreat was underway and the party joined the remaining militia in holding back the attackers as long as they could. Once their positions were overrun, they retreated into the Storm Peak mountains, blowing the entrance shut as they did so.

Beneath the mountain the party was introduced to a council of Phyrexian inhabitants, including minotaurs and Thri-kreen. Bunior convinced most of the council to come to the aid of the sieged mountain fortress, but the dragonborn representative held her position. The party managed to talk her into it, especially when they found out that Khagra was D’kar’s sister.

Once the representatives left to gather their forces, Bunior instructed the party that they would be attempting a sneak attack against the LifeForge itself, in the hopes of crippling the undead constructs. To do this they had to fight their way through some ancient Phryexian ruins and build an elemental galleon to carry them across the Great Sea.

After they made it past the electrical field protecting the entrance door, Scarab noticed one of his Scarab’s Boon glowing. He led the party into battle against an undead beholder named The Shattered Eye. Ganassi used his arcane power to dominate the creature, which worked well until it split into pieces. It did not last much longer, however. They finished it off and then explored a couple more rooms, ignoring the monstrosities located in the Creature Splicing room, before pausing outside of the Creature Containment room.

Falling Leaves, Part 3
Wait, he's a drow?!

During a hard fought battle against the Shadar-kai chainfighters and their disguised mage, Razvahn Mazlay, the mage called for a truce to plead his case. He explained to the party that seers of the Ebony Guard had seen the vision of Orcus assembling the mirror shards and knew it was an ill omen. When they learned that the Elder Librarian had died they realized that the Demon Lord’s forces were trying to discover the Raven Queen’s true name.

Falling Leaves Part 2
What is going on around here?!

Deciding to wait until nightfall to investigate the Assassin’s Guild, the party headed to Karitas Tavern in the Artisan district. There, they saw some interesting creatures singing karaoke, including a duergar and an orc, a quartet of succubi, and a pair of ettins. After talking to Lornleaf and checking out the portal to other dimensions in the back of the tavern, they decide to head to a nearby theater to investigate the makeup they had found. Scarab and Ganassi discovered that it was probably purchased at the Star and Dolphin Coster and D’kar discovered a latent love of theater.

Falling Leaves Part 1
Welcome to the Fey Wild!

After their time in the Astral Plane, the party was sent to the Murkendraw Swamp in the Fey Wild. They followed Mot and Ganassi north toward a river, encountering and evil hag and her pets on the way.

They spent the night with Mot’s parents at their bakery, before heading up the river to the Twilight Sea. Once there, they transported the baked goods on a magical Swan boat over the sea to Astrazalian, the City of Twilight. On the journey they learned that the Elder Librarian had recently died and that they were in the process of electing a new one.

After delivering the baked goods and going to check out the city’s Grand Library, the party ran into Alyssa Rennanalden, Ganssi’s mother. Though the reunion was chilly between the two, the rest of the party was warmly welcomed. They also were introduced to Arkenndar, her companion. The eladrin wizard offered to pay for their stay in the most expensive Inn in town.

While Scarab was checking out the town, the party enjoyed dinner at the Inn. The next morning they were summoned to meet with Lady Shandria. The party resisted, but when they found out Scarab was a suspect in two murders committed over night, they went along willingly.

The Lady explained that the murder victims were both candidates for Elder Librarian and that she needed them to investigate. With everything going on with the city’s defenses and the power struggles of the eladrin nobles, she needed the party’s help.

The group agreed and gathered information from both crime scenes. Only time will tell where the clues will lead them…


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