Harken's Heroes

Liberating Thunderspire
"I'll castrate your sons and impregnate your daughters!"

The heroes attacked Brugg, quickly bringing the massive ogre down with some of their most powerful attacks. After opening the secret door to the hidden teleportation circle they headed up to the tower of Zaamdul. There they faced an enemy from their past, a shadow version of the mage Kalarel. They destroyed him and his zombie minions and then entered a large chamber. There the wizard Paldemar confronted the party and tried to stop them from interfering with his plans to flood the Nentir Vale with a necrotic sea. Though the fight was difficult, they eventually triumphed! Bone-weary, they returned to the Seven Pillared Hall for some rest and to wrap up some loose ends. They soon were presented with another chance at adventure.

Finishing the Well and Returning to the Hall
Not Gendar!

You continued your exploration of the Well of Demons, looking for the final item. In a hall with twisted, moving pillars, you found it, along with a host of demons. With a fighting retreat, you recovered the Bell and headed back into the Proving Grounds. The party split up and activated the traps and creatures there. After a tough fight against a demonic minotaur, their health was restored and they entered the Inner Sanctum. There they discovered the last missing Mage of Saruun, along with some orcs and a Bronze Warder. After a pitted battle against the orcs, you were victorious and recovered a spherical key. The key led you back to the Seven Pillared Hall, where you found a pitched battle already in progress between Brugg’s minions and the citizens of the Hall. The party joined the fight, for better or worse…

Welcome to the Well!
"It's a god roll off!"

The heroes quickly vanquished the zombie dragon and rescued five of the six missing Mages of Saruun. After learning of Paldemar’s plans, they followed their only lead, heading to the Well of Demons. They endured a trial to gain entry to the area, where they fought a group of orcs. The party explored the Proving Grounds before beginning the three trials in the area. So far they traversed a room of trapped magic mirrors and barely survived a chamber filled with demonic blood.

Clearing the Hold and finding some trouble...
They hate Brugg so much!

The party cleared the rest of the Horned Hold, rescuing the slaves from their orc, devil, and duergar captors. They safely escorted the group back to the Seven Pillared Hall and returned Gendar’s rod to the drow. Scarab and Glurp checked out Rothar’s Taproom for any interesting rumors and to keep an eye on Brugg, while the rest of the party headed to the Halfmoon Inn for a much needed rest. Unfortunately, the ogre had other plans as he led a large group of his cronies to arrest the heroes and put them into The Pit. Ganassi was stripped of his possessions before being incarcerated to await a death sentence with the others. After a few hours rest, the party attacked their jailors and were about to escape when the Ordinator Arcanis cleared a path for them to flee. They narrowly avoided Brugg before being transported into the Tower of Saruun, where Orontor, the last mage in the Hall, aided them and asked for help finding the other mages. The party set off to follow the maps they found in the Horned Hold, locating the Deep Stair and arriving at the Sea of Shadows. There they discovered five of the six missing mages, but also something more sinister, as a zombified dragon swooped in to attack!

Continuing the Horned Hold
"Is that another beholder? And a mindflayer?"

Harken’s Heroes continued to make their way through the back entrance of the Horned Hold. They fought an ancient minotaur blacksmith and his minions, dodging the attacks from his necrotic forges. Unable to discover a way across the shattered bridge to the northern bastion, the group headed west. Halfway across the bridge they we swarmed by spiders, though they made quick work of the young arachnids. After breezing through some servant’s quarters, they entered a large great hall surrounded by terrifying creatures. Discovering they were only stuffed and mounted monsters, the group was soon attacked by the rooms true terrors. A giant spider attacked from the roof while a swarm of it’s young poured out of a bloated beholder. More spiders and some centipedes also joined the attack. The smart members of the group poured damage onto the giant spider and then moped up the rest of the bugs with relative ease. Opting to ignore the signs of inhabitance across the remaining bridge, the party stormed the remaining bastion only to be stopped short by a solid door. Thanks to an inventive tactic by Scarab the door was opened. The party took out their frustrations on the duergar and constructs within, letting none escape alive.

Torog's Shrine and the Horned Hold
"Oh my!"

The party continued their exploration of the Chamber of Eyes, culminating in an epic battle within a Shrine to Torog. The weary group returned to the Seven-Pillared Hall for a much deserved rest. The next day Mot engaged Bennik the Wanderer in a bardic challenge and easily bested him to win a new song sword. The rest of the group was entertained by a strange sideshow, before Brugg showed up and ruined the fun. After a brief interaction with the massive ogre, they asked the acolyte, Paldemar, if he knew where the Horned Hold was, in the hopes that they could rescue the slaves there. He wasn’t much help, but provided them with a couple options for getting the location of the Hold. The group chose to talk to Gendar, a merchant in curios and information. The friendly (some might say overly friendly) Drow made a deal with the party and provided them directions to the Hold’s unguarded entrance. A few hours of trudging through caves and tunnels later and the group arrived at the crumbling minotaur ruin. The forced their way through a rusting portcullis, only to be confronted by some spirits of the former minotaur occupants. They didn’t last very long against the combined radiant powers of the party, and we left the heroes about to open a door that led deeper into the fortress.

Into Thunderspire Labyrinth
"So, do you assassin much?"

After defeating the dragon, the party made a short stopover in Fallcrest before continuing on to Thunderspire Mountain. Along the way they encountered a farming community that had been ransacked by slavers. As they examined the area they discovered a revenant hiding inside one of the farmhouses. The Raven Queen spoke to the group through the newcomer and convinced them to take him in. After a hard fought battle against an owlbear and two dire wolves, the party, and their new companion, rested and then continued on their way. The next day they entered through the Minotaur’s Gate and took the Road of Lanterns to the Seven Pillared Hall. They encountered a group of hobgoblins locked in combat with some duergar and orcs. Siding with the former slavers, they managed to drive the creatures off quickly. After learning a bit about the state of the Hall, they joined up with a Halfling named Rendil and continued on their way. The group was off to a rocky start when they got onto the bad side of the Enforcer’s of the hall. They briefly visited the Halfmoon Inn, before hiring a guide and heading to the Chamber of Eyes, hoping to gain some favor from the Mages of Saruun. They fought their way past the orcs in the guard room, but they hear that fiercer creatures lurk further inside.

Szartharrax's Revenge!
Mot fought a dragon?!

So, there we was, riding in the wagon toward Fallcrest. Shiny wasn’t feeling too good from all the drinking he was doing, but me, Mot, Dragonman and Blinky were enjoying the ride. Mot’s friend Douvy was steering the cart and Glurp was riding on the horse minding me own business (just in case Shiny hurled in the wagon) when everyone started shouting about a dragon.

Celebration in Winterhaven
Party time!

The party returned triumphantly to Winterhaven and was met at the gate by Ninarin and the cheering townsfolk. They escorted the party to Lord Padraig’s manor to receive their reward, before the weary heroes bedded down for the night.

Shadow Rift
Kalarel (finally) gets his!

The platform descended into a nightmarish room, but the stalwart party was prepared for the grim task ahead. Skeletons stood silent watch throughout the room while Kalarel chanted and something tried to push its way out of the shadowy portal. A wight watched as the party arrived, preparing itself to do whatever it took to protect its master.


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