Harken's Heroes

Meanwhile, near the rift to the Shadowfell:
So he DID notice the apparition's "death"...

A tall man with sunken features stands over a large book, flipping through the pages of a complex ritual. Stopping on a blood soaked page covered with runes and drawings, he begins to chant in a voice that echos through the chamber. As the chanting reaches a fever pitch, he suddenly convulses in pain and collapses to the floor, a horned helmet tumbling from his head.

“What is it, my lord?” a muscled fighter asks, looking down through a hole in the ceiling. “Are you all right, Lord Kalarel?”

“No, I’m not all right, you idiot! Something has happened to my apparition. Send word to our spy. We need to know what has happened to that artifact!”

“Yes, my lord,” the fighter says as he rushes away.

As Kalarel picks up his helmet and returns to the book, he glances at a nearby underpriest. “Begin preparing sacrifices for the ritual. I will need them shortly.”

Prelude to a busy night...
You'd think they'd all be tired...

After Mot completed her song (I don’t know why she didn’t mention that awesome old farmer), the group ate some food and eventually made their way back to the townhouse for some much deserved rest. As D’kar told me later, it wasn’t the quiet night that everyone hoped to have!

Bosephus had some sort of strange half adventure/half dream, as he sought treasure alone on that night. He almost met his fate at the hand of some unruly undead, before he was saved by the divine intervention of Pelor. The cleric decided that was enough to abandon his old ways and turn away from the Platinum Dragon, much to D’kar’s chagrin.

Mot, perhaps in pursuit of some magical power of her own to impress Ganassi, made a pact with some sort of fey creature, allowing her to cast spells of her own. The stoic Eladrin wasn’t very impressed.

Ganassi himself managed to acquire a small dragonling for a familar. Maybe he discovered some sort of spell from one of his books that allowed him to do it…

Anyway, once that was all sorted out the party finally got a fitful night’s sleep and prepared to adventure the next day.

Mot's Song
And now, for a musical number...
  • I met these three
  • on the road to Winterhaven
  • It looked to me
  • like they could use some savin’
Looking for Douvan Stahl...
But finding something worse!

The hearty band of adventurers finally arrived at the dragon burial ground, but didn’t find Douvan Stahl there. What they did find, however, was a bunch of scruffy looking human diggers, a wary guard drake, a tricky gnome, and some sort of sinister apparition overseeing the rest of them.

"I think he works Oracle support..."

The adventurers met up early in the morning to finalize their plans for the day. After a discussion (and some singing) between the party members, they eventually voted to go to the burial grounds over Ganassi’s dissent.

With a jaunty tune by Mot, the group headed out of town along the Old King’s Road once again. After a quick pit stop for D’kar the party members wandered through some thick forest, the group was surprised by a group of fierce kobold fighters with skulls painted on their faces. They were accompanied by a wyrmpriest to lead them and ferociously attacked the party. Bosephus and D’kar were severely injured in the opening rounds, but they eventually managed to recover from their wounds and overcame their adversaries. Things got touchy in the middle of the fight when the wizard used the dragonborn as a target for scorching burst.

However, Mot used her tricks with a bow to knock down an enemy, Ganassi used fey step to get a nice tactical advantage against the wyrmpriest, and the two holy fighters flanked the kobolds with no mercy to turn the tide. As the skirmishers fell one by one, the magic using kobold became more and more desperate as the adventurers closed in. He eventually let lose a spray of acid over the paladin before being intimidated into surrendering by the scary gnome. They didn’t get much information out of him, except that his name was Rakesh, he was very frightened by this Irontooth, and didn’t want to give up any information about that vile creature.

After tying him (and his smoldering clothing) to a nearby tree and gagging him, the group picked up the few coins the creatures had been carrying and continued on to the ancient burial ground.

Meanwhile, in a cave near Winterhaven...

A well muscled hobgoblin sits among the spoils of his kobold raiders, running a whet stone along the edge of a battle axe. He pauses to use the edge of the weapon to scrape at his one remaining tusk, not even flinching when he nicks his lip. Satisfied at its sharpness, he rests the axe across his knees as a scrawny kobold nervously shuffles in.

Welcome to Winterhaven!
Meeting the townies...

They were stopped at the gate by two of the town Regulars (our paid guards), who quickly direct them toward Wrafton’s Inn. As they walked through the Market Square they noticed an older elf woman selling flowers and a few other farmers selling vegetables and baked goods from their stalls.

Ambushed on the road!
Kobold brigands? Are you serious?

The quartet of adventurer’s continued northwest, along the Old King’s Road. As they approached the walled town, they began to notice strange tracks on the road. Mot took a break from backing down the trail and “entertaining” everyone with a song to examine the footprints more closely. She deduced that the small clawed feet came from kobold footprints, but couldn’t make out how recent they were.

As the party crept down the trail looking for an ambush, they were rewarded for their efforts when a gaggle of kobolds (easily confused with red caps) dashed out from behind some boulders and tried to rob them.

Without too much trouble, the three experienced adventurers and their new comrade easily routed the kobolds. Bosephus only stopped long enough to cut the kidneys from one creature to wear as a corset. The slinger put up the best fight, urging on his brethren, and warning them of dire consequences for all of them (from HIM, whoever that is) if they failed. The rest were burnt up, sliced up, or smote into oblivion. If only I could have been there to see it in person!

At this point Eilian picks up his walking stick and vigorously shakes it about like
a sword.

Whew, now where was I? Oh yes, my favorite part of the story is coming up! But before that, the party gathered up the few coins the kobolds were carrying and headed into Winterhaven.

New Friends and new enemies...
Gnomes?! Why did it have to be gnomes?

The journey to town was long, but uneventful. The party enjoyed taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling city. Ganassi and Bosephus headed to Naerumar’s Imports in order to pick up some reagents for their rituals and alchemy. The later followed the former to make sure he was as good as his word, but was disappointed to find out that he was. They purchased a healing potion for D’kar as well as the components they were after.

Meanwhile, D’kar headed to the Moonsong Temple in order to discuss religion with the local priestess (Ressilmae Starlight, I believe). Unfortunately he argued his case a little too forcefully and got banned from the place while he wasn’t dying from some injury. The trio met back up at the Blue Moon Alehouse to discuss their next move, when they were set upon by a vivacious gnome bard, named Mot. She convinced them that they needed her services on their journey, since she was heading to Winterhaven anyway and would be a great asset to their group. Ganassi remained skeptical, but D’kar and Bosephus welcomed her, even generously offering her a (highly reduced) percentage of the loot put up by Revan. Wait, isn’t one of them a cleric…

Anyway, they all settled down in the Silver Unicorn Inn and prepared for their journey to Winterhaven.

A beginning and an ending.
We'll do anything for beer!

Kicks long winded narrator out of the way

’ello there lads and lassies! My name is Elian and I’ll be taking over this story from now on. You’ll be old and gray like me by the time this blow hard finishes the tale and I’d be dead and turned to dust.

Anyway, the noble adventurer’s wrapped things up in the old tomb and headed back to the Cliffside Brewery, to collect their reward. After a short conversation with Old Kellar and a couple more free drinks, they were approached by the brewmaster himself, Revan Stonebreaker. Seems his shipments of ale and the people tasked to take them were going missing on the way to Winterhaven (so THAT’s why my supply dried up!) and he needed someone to investigate. Being the noble adventurer’s that they are, the party agreed to help out, out of the kindness of their hearts (and the emptiness of their wallets).

After a well earned rest, they set out along the Old King’s road, heading towards Fallcrest.


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