Harken's Heroes

The Water Cave
Slime time!

D’kar forced open a pair of moldy bronze double doors and revealed a large, dark room. Ganassi created a small globe of light that he moved around the room revealing a large pool of water with a small island in the middle of it. Assorted items were piled on the small patch of land, including a shiny shield, various coins, a small chest, and many bones. The party discussed various ways of getting across to the island, but Ganassi decided that fey stepping across would be the best way to examine the objects more closely. No sooner did he reappear that a bunch of bubbles broke the surface of the water, spreading a nasty stench through out the room.

Another dig site
Thank goodness there isn't an apparition this time.

Giya snuck up to the end of the hallway and checked around the corner to spy a room that Glurp called the dig site. It was mostly a disaster area, as large sections of the floor had been excavated in the search for something. He spotted two large insects furiously digging through the loose dirt, being supervised by three goblins. The scrawny green creatures carried flasks of alchemical fire and one of them was taken by surprise with an attack by the Avenger. As the party moved down a ramp to the natural floor the two large kruthiks moved in to attack. Giya and D’kar held them at the bottom of the ramp, while Mot, Bosphus, and Ganassi launched attacks at the goblins. They responded with javelins and flasks of fire.

Taking down Balgron
Enter Splug, er, Glurp.

The party questioned the goblin, who they learn is named Glurp, and then let him out of his cell. Some members of the party aren’t as amused at the small goblin’s antics as others are, but Glurp and Mot seem to get along well. In his squeaky voice he tells them about the other goblin’s staying nearby and their leader Balgron the Fat. Instead of going through the front doors into the Chieftain’s Lair, Glurp leads the group around to a secret door directly into Balgron’s chamber. The adventurer’s lurked outside his room and planned their approach, but they took too long for the impatient Eladrin. Ganassi attempted to sneak into the room and get the drop on the sleeping goblin, but he kicked a large rat that was crossing in front of the secret door and alerted him to their presence.

The Torture Chamber
Oh Douvy!

When they approached the closed door they heard a man screaming in pain and a few goblins chittering with laughter. Giya attempted to carefully open the door, but there was a pause in the screaming as he pushed it open, alerting the enemies to the parties presence. An old man lay strapped to a torture table, surrounded by a hobgoblin torturer and his goblin lackeys. D’kar charged across the room and shoved the leather clad hobgoblin into the fire-pit behind it, drawing it’s ire for the rest of the fight. the rest of the party spread out in the room and started fighting the sharpshooters and lone warrior hiding behind the iron maiden.

Entering the Keep
Pit. Got 'em this time!

After a restless night’s sleep, a hearty breakfast, and a fond farewell, the adventurer’s headed to the Keep. They arrived to find a large ruined fortress, though recent activity had cleared a path into the broken walls. They discovered a set of stairs and slowly proceeded down into a torchlit chamber. Across them a goblin picked his nose and was taken by surprise when a blade of force magic struck him. As the battle commenced D’kar charged into the fray, only to fall into a hidden pit filled with bones and squeaking rats. With their hardiest defender down, the rest of the party fought goblin warriors and sharpshooters as best they could, while the brave dragonborn was nearly drowned in a sea of swarming rats.

Meanwhile in an underground temple to Orcus
Agrid's coming back?!

Kalarel wipes a long curved knife on his black robe, cleaning the blood from it. He smiles as the dark crimson liquid pours from the kobold chieftain’s twitching body, draining down into the pool below. With a slight nod, he motions for another creature to be brought forward, a large lamb this time. The animal struggles, but the heavily muscled berzerker carrying it easily holds it in place on the altar.

Detective work in Winterhaven.
It's elementary, my dear Mot...

The group returned to Winterhaven with their hard fought spoils and delivered the barrels of ale to a grateful Salvana. They noticed a strange gathering of storm clouds to the north of town, but couldn’t found out much about them around. Giya went to the temple and donated his reward to the patron god, before talking with Sister Linora about the strange goings on around town. Unfortunately, she couldn’t provide much information to him. Bosephus headed to Bairin Wildarson’s store to pick up some more ritual components, while the rest of the party told Lord Padraig about the defeat of the kobold’s and received their reward.

Inside the Kobold Lair
Irontooth! "Meh."

As the group looted the kobold corpses they got to know their new friend Giya, a local farmer after the kobold’s responsible for pillaging his farm. They agreed to keep working together, so they spread out around the area looking for the optimal way inside the Kobold Cave. They found another two entrances, but opted to take one of the smaller ones, in order to better control the battlefield.

Outside the Kobold Lair
Surprises on both sides.

The noble adventurers arrived outside the Kobold Lair to see a large group of the creatures cavorting around a waterfall and stream. Hidden amongst the trees, the party was surprised to see a tiefling clad in black leather armor also watching the kobolds. After a brief conversation the two groups discovered that they were both on the same side and decided to attack the kobolds together.

With the small creatures distracted by the noise from the waterfall, the Giya Svetlo (the tiefling avenger) snuck up and attacked a kobold slinger. At the same time, to large blasts of flame burnt most of the smaller kobolds to a crisp, while Mot and Bosephus added a few attacks of their own to the surprise round.

The group of kobold’s didn’t last much longer. D’kar advanced to the small magic circle and fought the dragonshield contained with in. Giya mopped up the slinger in short order, before a kobold slink snuck and tried to stab him in the back. The little creature underestimated the armor provided by the Avenger’s faith and caused no damage.

A few short moments later and the slink was running for it’s life into the cave. Unfortunately for him, Bosephus used a Tanglefoot bag to tie it up in the water, where it was quickly surrounded and put down.

About town...
Just leave us alone so we can go kill the kobolds already!

The adventurers met Thair Coalstriker on their way out of the townhouse, as he dropped off their newly repaired armor. The good natured dwarf told them about his shop, before returning to work and the party headed off to take care of things around town.

Mot and Bosephus purchased supplies while D’kar and Ganassi visited the Inn for breakfast. They were a bit disappointed in Sylvana’s selection, but she told them that the town’s supplies were dwindling rapidly for fear of the robbers. This hardened their resolve, but before they could leave, they met Valthrun the Prescient on his way in for his morning meal. The sage asked after his friend Douvan Stahl, having heard that the party had gone looking for him. He was disturbed to hear that he had gone missing and further disturbed to hear that people had been looking for some sort of magic artifact in the old dragon burial ground. Valthrun borrowed the artifact for further study and promised to let the party know if he discovered anything interesting about it or the burial ground.

As the party headed toward the gate they were accosted by one of the Regular’s, asking them to come to the jail. There they found Rond Kelfem and a dead Rakesh. After a confrontation between the groups where accusations flew, Rond went to see what he could find out about the patrols the night before, while the party examined the scene of the crime. Even Ganassi’s new ritual didn’t help them much in discovering who had committed such a heinous act, so the group decided to head out of town. On their way, Delphina Moongem presented a token of favor to D’kar and wished the party good luck…


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