Harken's Heroes

Prison Room and Chamber of Statues
How do we keep getting into these situations?

The group explored the hobgoblin’s bunk rooms before proceeding to an intersection and looking over their options. Ignoring the brightly lit room with a large table in it, they headed south towards a darkened room full of cages. There were two other exits to the room, one door that was boarded shut with the words “Closed” written on it. The other door was unremarkable, though when it was opened it revealed a gigantic statue covered in more dark runes.

Hobgoblin Guard Room
All's well that ends well...

The party descended into a well lit part of the keep, where they were accosted by two hobgoblin guards looking for a password. After noticing a group of caged villagers at the back of the room, Mot attempts to bluff their way past the guards. Though they bought her fake password, the hobgoblins were hard to convince that the party was there to release the prisoners. When another soldier joined the group, Ganassi decided there had been enough talking and started combat with a ball of fire that singed one of the guards.

Hidden Armory
Chet, idiot savant.

When the party opened the door, they were surprised to see behind it an empty room. Upon closer inspection they heard some moans and noticed the walls of the room shimmering slightly. Having rediscovered his bravery, D’kar charged through it and came to face to face with a group of ragged zombies. They had fought so many of the pathetic creatures recently that they made quick work of these four and searched the room for treasure.

Return to the Crypt of Shadows
"Did you have a bad dream last night or something, D'kar?"

The heroes bid farewell to Giya and returned to the Keep, eager to take the fight to Kalarel and stop the completion of his ritual. Before they descended the steps, a ranger stepped out of the woods and told them of a group of Hobgoblins and prisoners that had entered shortly ahead of them. Chet Swordswinger then joined the party as they descended the steps into the former Goblin Guard Room. A blur of green flesh surprised them as it flew out of the darkness, only to reveal itself to be Glurp, eager to rejoin his friends as they continued their adventure.

Meanwhile at the rift to the Shadowfell...
Ha ha, it didn't work!

Kalarel stands before a large archway inscribed with many glowing runes. As he once again begins chanting, he raises his arms into the air, two pieces of a broken mirror in one hand and a dagger in the other.

As the evil priest’s voice grows louder and louder, he draws the dagger across is hand, allowing his own blood to coat the mirror shards. Once the chanting reaches a creshendo, he hurls the bloody pieces of mirror into the portal. Instead of smashing into the wall behind the archway, the space under it is suddenly filled with an inky blackness that absorbs the pieces of mirror. At the places where they struck two long black tentacles begin to push through the opening toward Kalarel, seeming to stretch the thin membrane holding them back.

Assault on Valthrun's Tower
But we were sleeping!

The party’s extended rest is interrupted by a loud bang from Valthrun’s tower. Upon entering the first floor of the mage’s home, the heroes were disturbed to see four death cultists preventing them from climbing further up the stairs. The heroes quickly dispatched these weak foes and rushed up the stairs to find a broken warding circle and a dead cultist near the next staircase. After examining the circle they cautiously advanced up the next set of stairs, wary of what they might meet.

Siege of Winterhaven
That's a LOT of bad guys.

The party rushed back to town to find it in chaos. Zombies and skeletons had overrun the market square, chasing the crowd off and threatening many of Winterhaven’s more prominent citizens. A small group of heroes from the town had created pockets of resistance, but they were not much of a match for the forces arrayed against them. An under-priest of Orcus was leading the assault, backed by Maw, a zombie with a freakish mouth and flanked by two gravehounds. The Heroes of Harken lept into the fray, with Ganassi leading the assault and flame shrouding a crowd of zombies and skeletons, knocking the undead down with a wave of fire. Giya and D’kar waded in with swords and dragon fire, clearing out more undead and burning the under-priest and his companions. Bosephus unleashed the holy light of Pelor on more creatures, burning some and turning others.

Sir Keegan's Tomb
The door slams shut!

The heroes turned toward a set of double doors between the two altars and open them to find an ancient tomb. A skeleton wearing rusty armor and holding a shining long sword is sprawled on the steps leading to the sarcophogus and more words are written in blood on the walls of the room. After examining the room from the doorway, Bosephus advanced and attempted to retrieve the sword. The whole party was surprised when the tomb doors slammed shut and seperated them from the cleric. Bosephus was even more surprised when the skeleton rose to its feet and challenged him on why he was in the Keep.

Skeletal Legion
The power of Bahamut compels you!

The group entered a long hallway and saw that the light was growing stronger from the eastern end of it. More bloody words were written on the walls and ten upright sarcophagi stood along the sides, wax seals of Lord Bahamut cracked and worn on their lids. The party listened and examined a sarcophagus without finding much of interest before deciding to move toward the light between the standing stone coffins. They were surprised when all of them opened simultaneously and skeletons burst out of each one. While two of them peppered the heroes with arrows and two stronger looking skeletons prevented their retreat, most of the creatures attacked various members of the party with their long swords. With valiant efforts on the part of D’kar and Giya most of the party avoided injury while taking down many of the weaker skeletons. The group was again surprised when the crypts opened up again and four more decrepit skeletons joined the fray.

Crypt of Shadows
Zombies?! Is that the best you can do?

After a restless night sleeping in the Keep, the adventurer’s woke up from horrible nightmares that sapped their strength. Once they learned a couple new rituals from the last few pages of the enchanter’s books, they gathered up their supplies, and Glurp, before heading through the last door they had not explored. They found themselves descending into a pitch black crypt, populated by rats, cobwebs, dirt, and coffins in niches along the walls. With a little exploration they discovered a cluster of zombies in one of the side rooms and easily dispatched them, using fire, sword, song, and divine light to deliver them into the arms of the Raven Queen.


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