Harken's Heroes

Prince of Undeath

The final showdown

Having destroyed Doresein and his ghouls, the party watched expectantly as Ganassi used his mastery of magic to manipulate the Mirror of Shadows and create a portal to the Shadowfell. As they hurtled toward a castle made of black ice, the group was shunted off course and ended up in a familiar place, the Dead Man’s Cross near Gloomwrought.

Ganassi used his arcane skills to determine that the Raven Queen’s kingdom and Orcus himself were warded against being portal’ed into. The wizard was able to keep the party on the same plane, but they would need to find alternate means of transportation from there to the Queen’s castle.

While they walked through a makeshift tent city, set up near the Dead Man’s Cross, they were surprised when Prince Roland, former ruler of Gloomwrought stumbled out of one of the tents. Angered at the party for enabling his enemies to overthrow him, the Prince ordered his remaining loyal followers to attack. They were joined by the remaining vampire brother from the two they faced in Gloomwrought’s graveyard.

Ganassi opened the fight by casting waves of fire and force that nearly obliterated the few archers the Prince had mustered. Scarab used a horde of poisonous shadow spiders to attack the sword wielding members of the enemy rank. He followed it up by breathing a cloud of poison over them, which angered the berzerkers and caused them to charge the revenant assassin. So great was his ability to dodge their attacks, that he emerged completely unscathed from their flurry of blows.

D’kar charged into the battlefield and levied a divine challenge against the vampire, burning him with radiant energy. The dragonborn followed that up with a deadly charge that nearly killed him. Mot used her radiant power to dust the vampire. Spurred on by the death of his ally, Prince Roland tried to stab D’kar with his rapier and failed miserably. He then forced a minion to attack Ganassi, while also hurting himself. Though successful, the reckless attack nearly killed the minion when it’s bow snapped back and hit it in the face.

Annoyed at their lucky strike, Ganassi burned the group of archers again and teleported them closer to the rest of the party. Scarab bisected one of the blinded berzerkers, causing the rest to fear for their lives. Glurp killed another of the misguided followers, allowing D’kar to easily intimidate Prince Roland into surrendering.

Their adversaries fled, the party explored the camp looking for a way to speed up their journey to the Raven Queen’s kingdom. They quickly discovered a number of undead winged horses that could fly them quickly on their way. Scarab summoned a flying skeletal horse of his own and the group took off and headed onward to the Raven Queen’s kingdom. As they flew over frozen forests and jagged, snow covered mountains, souls of the dead joined them on their journey. They approached a frozen fortress, souls swirling in a maelstrom above its tallest towers. Dead from both sides of a climatic battle littered the road and battlements leading up to Fate’s Palace, the dark and foreboding home of the Raven Queen. Upon landing in a large courtyard littered with the bodies of warriors from both sides of this conflict, the party charged through the shattered doors into the palace proper.

Inside they discovered Orcus standing over the fallen form of the Raven Queen, drawing power from her. Smaller altars on either side provided even more power to the demon lord, drawn from two powerful servants of the Raven Queen pinned to the top of them. The party braced themselves as best they could, before Bospehus rushed toward one of the altars in the hopes of weakening Orcus. Scarab was horrified to discover that the giant demon was immune to his poison and necrotic attacks. Ganassi teleported adjacent to the other altar but failed to weaken the magic on it. He was much more successful targeting Orcus with a bright Prismatic Spray, though he was unprepared for a magical shield protecting the creature and defensive magic damaging him in return.

D’kar prayed for help from Bahamut, before charging at Orcus and striking him with righteous fury. It didn’t do as much damage as the dragonborn hoped, but it allowed Mot to sneak in and weaken the beasts defenses significantly. Enraged, Orcus poured a massive wave of necrotic energy to harm all the heroes, before attempting to lure the cleric to his side. Fortunately, Bosephus’ will was strong enough to resist the call.

While the rest of the party distracted Orcus, Scarab teleported behind him and quickly made his way to dying Raven Queen. He avoided the most damaging part of Orcus opportunity attack, but wasn’t able to assist her. A magical aura between Orcus and the Raven Queen prevented him from physically reaching her. Ganassi used a powerful spell to summon a balor demon to fight against Orcus and his mental powers to partially disable the magic on the altar next to him. D’kar used his holy power to inflict a massive wound on the demon lord, assisted by some of Mot’s magic to make the strike even deeper. Hovering at the gargantuan monster’s eye-level, the dragonborn issued a divine challenge from Bahamut against him.

In retaliation Orcus attempted to use his Touch of Death power to destroy the paladin, but he was thwarted by the power of Mot’s song. D’kar was still severely injured from the attack, but remained alive. Everyone was again damaged by Orcus’ necrotic aura, as the Demon Lord howled in frustration at the interference of the adventurers. Bosephus used his holy powers of healing to nearly free on of the Raven Queen’s servants from a magical altar.

With Scarab ready to leap to the Raven Queen’s aid, Ganassi threw the Mirror of Souls into the magic beam connecting her to Orcus, severing the tie. He followed that up by freeing the servant of the Raven Queen from the altar in front of him.

As Scarab removed the weapon pinning his liege to the ground, it crumbled to dust, never to be used again. “Sara, my liege, I love you.”, he stated, as he plunged his blade into her heart, ending her pain. Her soul leaves her body and hovered near by, saying to him “My assassin, you have done me proud. You have done all that I’ve asked of you and more. Take my power, it is yours. Become the Raven King, should you survive this battle with the demon.” Scarab turned from her and said ,“Orcus, face the new King of Death.”, before leaping at the Orcus and striking him with a massive attack from his blade. This combined with the loss of the power from the Raven Queen was a severe blow to the Demon Lord, driving him into a blind rage. He rampaged through the room and attacked most of the party with his club like skull wand, scattering them and knocking them down.

D’kar, who’s armor prevented the attack, morphed into a massive dragon and hurled fiery breath on the demon, continuing to damage him. Mot used her powers of healing to shore up the eladrin wizard, before distorting Orcus vision and making those that attack him successfully become invisible. Bleeding from numerous wounds, the aura of undeath surrounding the beast became even worse, cutting through even the sturdy defenses of the cleric and paladin. His rage was so great that he wasn’t able to touch D’kar with his Touch of Death attack a second time. While the dragonborn hovered out of the way, he dodged right into a stinging poison attack from the demon’s tail. Surrounded by enemies and wounded, the Demon Prince summoned a small number of ghouls to aid him.

After finally finishing freeing the Raven Queen’s servant from the altar, Bosephus unleashed his superior healing powers to restore D’kar and Scarab to near full health and increased defenses. As the cleric entered the fray, Glurp charged the ghoul nearest Mot, paying homage to Scarab as his liege while doing so. He easily slaughtered the creature, while Ganassi used Oppressive Force to pin the gargantuan demon down. Using a trick of time, the wizard prepared a way to deal extra fire damage to the beast and recovered one of his powers.

Scarab and D’kar hit Orcus with more attacks while the beast was pinned down, further enraging him. Mot used an Epic Bard trick to fully recover her health and powers, before attacking and turning invisible again. Orcus regained his feet and used a sweeping wand attack to damage almost everyone in the party. D’kar sacrificed his ability to resist the necrotic damage to protect his teammates, and Mot used a power to heal up Glurp, who was near death. Orcus roared in rage and spawned another group of ghouls. Before they could get very far, Bosephus used his radiant powers to Turn Undead most of them and then heal Scarab and Glurp. Calling on the power of Pelor, he called on a mighty strike to burn away the flesh of his enemy.

Emboldened by his party (and new health), Glurp launched a vicious strike against Orcus leg, slicing and hacking away. Ganassi sent Orcus on a terrifying journey into an inter-planer space, before clearing out a few of the ghouls. D’kar and Scarab managed to take out another one, while Mot healed the ailing wizard. The party prepared for Orcus’ return and launched flurry of attacks when he reappeared. The cleric hit with a God Strike, Mot once again warped his vision, Glurp got another solid hit on his other leg, and Ganassi stunned the beast before striking him with another volley of magic missiles.

Scarab attacked Orcas with numerous strikes, teleporting in and out of the shadows as he ascended to finally remove the demon’s head.

Having ascended to the throne as the rightful Raven King, the soul of the former Raven Queen waited in judgement of Scarab. “Sara, my love, I grant you access to the Astral Plane, in the hopes that you will wait for me, until I am done serving in your stead.” She smiled and ascended through the mass of souls to her final rest.

Before going their separate ways, the new Raven King promised to make his friends immortal as long as they spread the word of him in their travels across the planes. He also allowed them to travel freely in and out of his kingdom of Latherna.

The party returned to Harken, looking for a quiet place to recuperate. A few days later, D’kar and Bosephus, unable to find their three other companions at breakfast, went searching for them. Ganassi, Mot, and Glurp were standing outside of the inn, regarding a strange blue box with the word “POLICE” written on the side of it. Having poured his command of time and space into it, the wizard, the gnome, and the goblin were planning on exploring together to see what else they could see in their travels.

Bosephus, having completed his mission to keep his party alive, redeem his brother, and vanquish a great evil, accepted the promise of Pelor to ascend to the Astral Plane as one of his saints.

D’kar, after spending some time with his new found family in Phyrexia, ascended to his place beside Bahamut. Reunited with his friend Arwen and his grandfather, Acidarr, the three worked together to send another vessel of Bahamut into the world. The dragonborn looked forward to his eternity at their sides, enjoying the comradarie he missed out on in life, until he met the other Harken’s Heroes.


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