Revenant Assassin for the Raven Queen


Walking through the doorway from the throne room of The Raven Queen, after listening to her drone on and on about how displeased she was with my life, led me through to some dark portal.

Suddenly I awoke with the loud noise of lightening piercing the sky. I found myself lost and confused as to where I was and what I was to do in this world. I felt my surroundings… cold, nothing but cold surrounded me. Feeling the wooden walls all around me I panicked; not much room to breath between me and the wooden box I was laying in. I would have screamed if it wasn’t for the fact that my lips were stitched shut. Ripping apart the stitches to gasp for air and to yell out to the world surprisingly didn’t hurt at all. As though I couldn’t feel pain, couldn’t feel sorrow, couldn’t feel anything… but cold.

Focusing my strength I forced open the wooden box allowing the moon light to bathe me in its radiance. Looking around, my only friends are maggots, worms, and a couple of dung beetles. “Nice” I think to myself. “Welcome home to you two bitc…” my words are cut off by another bolt of lightening in the sky. I look around and see a wagon trail heading in opposite directions. “Well now what am I supposed to do?” I ask to no-one. Looking back into the wooden box I see a couple of items left behind. Puzzled I grab the gear and start to dress… not sure why I was in this box, or what I’m supposed to do with this gear. Fully dressed and with a sword and shield in hand I look back at the wooden box which served as my home for all of a few hours… or days… or was it years. My memory seems to be clouded and unfocused. “What the hell am I supposed to do with this stuff? Where the hell am I anyhow?? What the hell is going on???” All questions go unanswered. The only things in the area to answer are the insects that were trapped in the wooden box with me, and they aren’t any help to me. “Hmm… a Scarab beetle… Scarab!? … well I guess it’s as close to a name as any! It’s a heck of a lot better than being called ‘maggot’.” With that thought I get a little chuckle out of the sadistic humor and start walking along the wagon path.

“I hope this trail takes me somewhere I need to go… not that I’d know it when I get there.” For all Scarab can remember is that The Raven Queen was displeased with him… and now starts his journey to get into her good graces.

Scarab was rewarded with Scarab’s Boon for his work to aid the Raven Queen.


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