Conniving goblin that has become attached to Mot.


The adventurers rescued Glurp from the hobgoblin torture chamber. The little goblin had been imprisoned for cheating others out of their money and food. He took a quick liking to Mot and proceeded to lead the party to a secret entrance into Balgron’s chamber.

Though he got caught trying to steal treasure from Balgron’s chamber and is occasionally insulting, he has been generally helpful and his presence has been tolerated well enough.

Glurp got one kill so far, destroying a skeleton near Sir Keegan’s tomb. The wily goblin disappeared after the Siege of Winterhaven. It remains to be seen if he will show up again.

The party found Glurp hiding in the upper chambers of the Keep on the Shadowfell. He rejoined them and has been traveling with them ever since. Due to the good influence of his friends, the little goblin has taken a more active role in helping the party, becoming especially protective of Mot.

Glurp has continued to travel and assist the party, becoming known for his ability to steal kills at the last second.

In the Battle against the Aspect of Orcus outside the Sunken Temple, Glurp disappeared. His final attack, assisted by the party’s gods, destroyed the Aspect and the area. The little goblin hasn’t been seen since.

Glurp will reappear in Gloomwrought, after the party rescues his soul from imprisonment.


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