Arwin Silversword

High Priest of the Dragon's Claw Temple, dedicated to Bahamut


Arwin is D’kar’s friend at the Dragon’s Claw Temple. This temple to Bahamut is located to the east of Hammerfast.

The two have been friends for many years, ever since they started training together. Over the years of training, D’kar and Arwin have become close friends. They’ve adventured together and met their most dangerous assignment when sent to investigate the destruction of a Goliath village in the nearby Dawnforge Mountains.

Arwin discovered a prisoner that was being held deep within the Dragon’s Claw temple. The dark wizard, a necromancer named Kel’thuzad, had been imprisoned for his dark deeds. Upon questioning some of the elders of the order, he learned that D’kar’s egg had been liberated from the tower of the evil wizard and brought back to the temple.

No one knows how the egg got there in the first place.

The party met Bahamut secretly disguised as Arwin.

Arwin Silversword

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