Harken's Heroes

Welcome to Winterhaven!

Meeting the townies...

They were stopped at the gate by two of the town Regulars (our paid guards), who quickly direct them toward Wrafton’s Inn. As they walked through the Market Square they noticed an older elf woman selling flowers and a few other farmers selling vegetables and baked goods from their stalls.

Delphina Moongem greeted the adventurers warmly as D’kar purchased some flowers from the kindly elf. She warned the travelers of goblins she had seen around the old Keep (north of town) and told them that they could get more information about the area around town from Eilian the Old (humph) in the inn.

After paying for the flowers, they headed into the Inn and surveyed the scene. Sylvana Wrafton was busy behind the bar as usual. Ninaren was huddled in her cloak, eating her dinner alone, as she had been wont to do recently. A ruggedly handsome farmer, slightly older than the rest of the clientele, was regaling some good folk with one funny story or another. As people came and went, the adventurers split up and went to talk to the most knowledgeable looking folks they could see.

Ganassi, declining the help of the gnome, attempts to talk to the elf woman, but doesn’t get very far into the conversation before he beats a hasty retreat. Bosephus and Mot begin a lively discussion with yours truly, where I told them all sorts of fascinating stories about red caps and my life in Winterhaven. I even got to put my nature skills to the test when I examined the kobold kidneys presented by the cleric. In a show of appreciation for my keen insights, he healed my aching shoulder and bought me a drink.

I was surprised when an elf (I mean Eladrin) sidled up next to me to join the discussion. Mot asked me about Douvan Stahl, a friend of hers, and I provided her directions to the burial ground to aid in her search for him.

Meanwhile, D’kar was discussing things with the Sylvana at the bar, after ordering his traditional prune juice. She informed him of her missing ale shipments and asks if he can recover them for her. She also stated that if he sought out Lord Padraig, he might offer the adventurers some sort of reward for their heroic deeds. As Bosephus joined him, they asked her where to find the local noble. She directed them to the far end of town and promises them free drinks if they can recover her missing ale shipments. D’kar left her a silver piece as the two heroes walked away.

The party gathered at a large table to discuss the options presented to them. They convinced Mot to tell the story of her interest in the dragon burial ground. She told them of her mentor and his wife’s request that she find him as he has been long overdue on his return to Fallscrest. As they were deciding what to do for the rest of the evening, Thair Coalstriker and Lord Padraig (that pompous windbag!), with his hunting party, enter the bar.

Mot continued playing tunes for the entertainment of the bar patrons as the other three walked up to Lord Padraig and asked him about the attacks around town. He went on and on about the lazy town folks not being able to stop the kobolds around town and then directed the party toward the kobold’s lair itself. He even offered them a reward! I bet if he’d done the same thing for the rest of us, the problem would have been taken care of by now. But I digress. I missed the next couple parts of the conversation as I finished my drink, but then he generously offered them a townhouse to stay in and informed them about the local merchants and the services available from Valthrun the Prescient.

Ganassi decided that he had learned all he could for the night and headed to the townhouse offered by Lord Padraig. D’kar decided to keep Mot company while she entertained the patrons a bit more. She managed to make a whole 8 cents for her hard work!

Bosephus attempted to make conversation with Ninaren again, hoping to find out more about her or the kobold’s lair. She offered that she had seen their lair, but wasn’t sure who the leader was. She mentioned that it didn’t seem very well guarded to her. With that new information in hand the cleric headed out to the townhouse himself for the evening.


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