Harken's Heroes

There's something fishy going on here...


The party was surprised to come across a well decorated and well stocked library, lit by magical fire. They were also shocked to see the dead body of the scrawny kobold between the two bookcases closest to them. As the adventurer’s examined the room, they discovered strange slits located in some of the floor tiles between the book cases. Bosephus prayed for divine guidance as he looked over the body of the dead kobold and gathered some insight to the nature of the traps in their way.

D’kar cautiously entered the room as the other members of the party used their knowledge of dungeons to discern the mechanisms hidden below the floor. They wandered around the room looking for a safe path through and discussed options for making their way across or over the dangerous tiles.

With a stroke of inspiration, Ganassi created a rock out of thin air and used it to trigger the spear trap hidden in the floor. With a better idea of what he was facing, the brash Eladrin vaulted over the square to safety on the other side. He shouted back that his comrades in arms should just follow his lead. Being a little more cautious the two righteous heroes closely examined the cauldron of fire and discovered a hidden switch that they flipped, rendering the trap useless.

Though his attempt to leap the trap failed hilariously, D’kar found that the trap had definitely been shut down. The wizard and the dragonborn pulled a large bear rug off the floor, revealing a seemingly innocent floor tile beneath. After casually perusing some books, Ganassi discovered that several of them contained interesting magical lore and decided to bring them along for research or sale later.

As Ganassi headed toward the door past the bear rug the floor dropped out from below him. Fortunately his quick reflexes saved him from falling down into the pit revealed below. The adventurer’s made their way around the pit and listened at the door to hear the unmistakable sounds of undead enemies milling about.


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