Harken's Heroes

The Water Cave

Slime time!

D’kar forced open a pair of moldy bronze double doors and revealed a large, dark room. Ganassi created a small globe of light that he moved around the room revealing a large pool of water with a small island in the middle of it. Assorted items were piled on the small patch of land, including a shiny shield, various coins, a small chest, and many bones. The party discussed various ways of getting across to the island, but Ganassi decided that fey stepping across would be the best way to examine the objects more closely. No sooner did he reappear that a bunch of bubbles broke the surface of the water, spreading a nasty stench through out the room.

Moments later a large blue slime surfaced from the dark water of the pond and started attacking the eladrin with long psuedopods of slime. The ranged attackers began firing spells and arrows into the creature, while D’kar grew increasingly more frustrated on the shore because he couldn’t reach the beast. Ganassi created a flame sphere on one corner of the little island and shifted as far away from it as he could, letting it sear the slime’s slippery skin. The creature feared the intense heat being directed at it, so it shifted away from the island toward the main land and began striking out at D’kar and Giya. Now that it was in range, D’kar unleased his most powerful attacks, which were quickly followed up by those of the rest of the party. The blue slime did not last much longer.

Once the creature had fallen, Ganassi took the time to review the items scattered about the island. He tossed the magic shield to D’kar and divided up the treasure between the party members. The wizard also reviewed a message that had been safely sealed in a message cylinder and learned that Warchief Krand of the Bloodreaver Clan was worried about the goings on of Kalarel. Apparently the activity of his allies in Thunderspire Labyrinth had him concerned about his alliances elsewhere as well. Ganassi also used his last sight vision ritual to discover that the two intact skeletons had been hobgolins. The pitiful creatures had been caught spying on Kalarel’s preparation near the rift and had been killed by Agrid for their knowledge.

The party decided to take an extended rest at that point in preparation for their next set of adventures.


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