Harken's Heroes

The Torture Chamber

Oh Douvy!

When they approached the closed door they heard a man screaming in pain and a few goblins chittering with laughter. Giya attempted to carefully open the door, but there was a pause in the screaming as he pushed it open, alerting the enemies to the parties presence. An old man lay strapped to a torture table, surrounded by a hobgoblin torturer and his goblin lackeys. D’kar charged across the room and shoved the leather clad hobgoblin into the fire-pit behind it, drawing it’s ire for the rest of the fight. the rest of the party spread out in the room and started fighting the sharpshooters and lone warrior hiding behind the iron maiden.

Bosephus took advantage of good positioning to shove a goblin into the maiden’s waiting jaws and then slammed the door on it, causing it to scream in agony. Though the torture hardened hobgoblin put up a tough fight, another trip into the fire-pit really took its toll on the creature. A few sharpshooters tried to attack from hiding while ducking under some of the tables in the room, but it was to no avail. The adventurer’s quickly slew the remaining fiends and then administered aid to their victim. Mot was happy to find her mentor, Douvan Stahl, still alive, though barely. Bosephus and Mot healed the old man and he rewarded the party for his rescue with a couple of magic items, before recovering a picture of his wife from the amulet in Ganassi’s possession. After grabbing the remainder of his possessions, telling the party of another prisoner in the nearby cells, and receiving a small gift from Bosephus, the elder adventurer left the keep and returned to Winterhaven.

The party approached the cells cautiously and were surprised to find a half naked goblin huddled in the corner of one of them.


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