Harken's Heroes

Taking down Balgron

Enter Splug, er, Glurp.

The party questioned the goblin, who they learn is named Glurp, and then let him out of his cell. Some members of the party aren’t as amused at the small goblin’s antics as others are, but Glurp and Mot seem to get along well. In his squeaky voice he tells them about the other goblin’s staying nearby and their leader Balgron the Fat. Instead of going through the front doors into the Chieftain’s Lair, Glurp leads the group around to a secret door directly into Balgron’s chamber. The adventurer’s lurked outside his room and planned their approach, but they took too long for the impatient Eladrin. Ganassi attempted to sneak into the room and get the drop on the sleeping goblin, but he kicked a large rat that was crossing in front of the secret door and alerted him to their presence.

With cries of alarm Balgron lept from his bed and ran to the door of his chamber, leaving a lone goblin warrior to hold off the advancing adventurers. Neither of them lasted long as they were cut down by concentrated attacks, but not before the fat goblin unlocked the door and some other goblins arrived on the other side. While the scrawny creatures hesitated, the party regrouped and burst through the doors cleaving their way through any foe stupid enough to stand before them. It wasn’t long before three more goblin warriors and half a dozen scrawny goblins fell before them. The last couple fled for their lives.

The party turned to find Balgron’s treasure chest open and emptied, while Glurp failed to maintain an innocent expression and hide his bulging pockets. After liberating Glurp of his new found coins, the group returned to the hall way near the secret entrance and examined the two remaining nearby room.


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