Harken's Heroes

Skeletal Legion

The power of Bahamut compels you!

The group entered a long hallway and saw that the light was growing stronger from the eastern end of it. More bloody words were written on the walls and ten upright sarcophagi stood along the sides, wax seals of Lord Bahamut cracked and worn on their lids. The party listened and examined a sarcophagus without finding much of interest before deciding to move toward the light between the standing stone coffins. They were surprised when all of them opened simultaneously and skeletons burst out of each one. While two of them peppered the heroes with arrows and two stronger looking skeletons prevented their retreat, most of the creatures attacked various members of the party with their long swords. With valiant efforts on the part of D’kar and Giya most of the party avoided injury while taking down many of the weaker skeletons. The group was again surprised when the crypts opened up again and four more decrepit skeletons joined the fray.

As spells flew and weapons clashed the group made further progress, knocking one of the larger skeletons down and clearing a path toward the silvery light as a couple more decrepit skeletons emerge from the crypts. Mot and Glurp head in that direction and discover a painting of Bahamut embossed on the ceiling and two altars against the walls. They also notice some draconic script written above the altars. Following the gnome and goblin, Ganassi determined that a prayer would help in staunching the tide of the undead, so he beseeched the Platinum Dragon for aid. He was rewarded by a brightening of the silver light, which sent the remaining skeletons back into their tombs.

While the others are distracted Mot examines one of the altars and discovers a secret stash of platinum and silver dragon statues. The wily gnome scooped them up and tried to hide them from the rest of the party, but she was unable to fool the sharp-eyed Eladrin. After a brief struggle over her backpack, Ganassi recovered the small statues and handed them out to the rest of the group, saving the one for Mot for himself. The angry gnome punched the Eladrin and the struggle may have escalated further had D’kar not stepped between the two bickering fey creatures. The noble paladin claimed that this dishonored his deity and that they better “knock if off” before he got really angry. Mot warned the large dragonborn not to sleep very heavily, before the party left it at that and continued their adventuring.


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