Harken's Heroes

Siege of Winterhaven

That's a LOT of bad guys.

The party rushed back to town to find it in chaos. Zombies and skeletons had overrun the market square, chasing the crowd off and threatening many of Winterhaven’s more prominent citizens. A small group of heroes from the town had created pockets of resistance, but they were not much of a match for the forces arrayed against them. An under-priest of Orcus was leading the assault, backed by Maw, a zombie with a freakish mouth and flanked by two gravehounds. The Heroes of Harken lept into the fray, with Ganassi leading the assault and flame shrouding a crowd of zombies and skeletons, knocking the undead down with a wave of fire. Giya and D’kar waded in with swords and dragon fire, clearing out more undead and burning the under-priest and his companions. Bosephus unleashed the holy light of Pelor on more creatures, burning some and turning others.

Maw pulled the mighty cleric into the range of a zombie, while the skeletons attacked Ganassi and the heroic townsfolk. In retribution the townsfolk began knocking down the weaker skeletons and zombies, hoping to prevent them from moving any further into the town. Unfortunately, they met with limited success. The zombies began attacking anyone they could lay their meaty fists on, slamming townsfolk and heroes alike. Ganassi unleashes another wave of fire, burning more of the undead and their leaders, before drinking a healing potion to close some of his festering wounds. Mot belted out a catchy tune that lashed through Maw’s mind and destroyed the wretched zombie master, angering the under-priest.

In his rage he unleased a shadowy curse upon the cleric, nearly driving him from his feet. The minion of Orcus then released his gravehounds into the fray and they lept upon Giya and Ganassi, though the wily wizard somehow dodged the attack. Skeletons and zombies renewed their assault on the townsfolk and heroes, trading viscous blows and dropping Ninaran to the ground. As the screaming crowds of townsfolk and a horse drawn cart fled to safety, Ganassi renewed his fiery assault on the undead. Mot healed the Avenger and attacked the under-priest, causing him to be blinded to her presence. Giya created a ring of fire around one of the gravehounds, hurting it and burning some more undead to the ground. The gravely injured cleric called on his god’s blessing and the power of his magic armor to heal himself, before once again smiting the gravehound.

In retaliation for his fire attacks, the under-priest cursed Ganassi, knocking him unconscious. The few remaining skeletons and zombies continued their attacks, knocking down Thair Coalstriker, Sister Linora, and Elian the Old, without losing many of their numbers in retaliation. Giya finished off one of the gravehounds with the power of Avandra and D’kar destroyed the other with some divinely glowing slashes from Aecris. The under-priest retaliated against the paladin, but Bahamut’s divine favor protected him from most of the damage. With the few remaining undead trading blows with the few remaining townsfolk, the Heroes of Harken finished off the remaining enemies, D’kar’s destruction of the under-priest causing the last skeleton to collapse into a jumbled pile of bones.

As the party and the remaining villagers administer to the injured, they are surprised to see an apparition rise from the mouth of Maw. The party ignored his cries of doom and gloom while Glurp makes a rude gesture and told it off. The party quickly returned to their townhouse for a much needed rest after the desperate battle for Winterhaven.


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