Harken's Heroes

Shadow Rift

Kalarel (finally) gets his!

The platform descended into a nightmarish room, but the stalwart party was prepared for the grim task ahead. Skeletons stood silent watch throughout the room while Kalarel chanted and something tried to push its way out of the shadowy portal. A wight watched as the party arrived, preparing itself to do whatever it took to protect its master.

Mot led the attack against one of the skeletons, but it was immediately raised again by the angry undead creature. In retaliation Giya used his holy wrath to burn the Wight and trap it in place near a deep pit. Ganassi conjured his flame sphere and sent it to disrupt Kalarel’s ritual, while the rest of the party split their focus between the dark priest and his undead enforcer.

Kalarel lead the counter attack with a ray of necrotic energy in retaliation for the wizard’s flame sphere, while the skeletons met with mixed success against the adventurers. Strange voices pulled Ganassi toward the portal but he shook them off just in time to dodge the attack of a black claw reaching toward him. Bosephus joined the avenger in attacking the Wight, nearly destroying him with the holy light of Pelor. The party’s follow up attack took out a skeleton, while Giya finished off the undead leader. D’kar bellowed out a challenge to destroy another skeleton, before charging into Kalarel and pinning him in place. The evil priest smashed through the dragonborn’s shield and dented his armor with a mighty swing of his skull rod.

The skeletons made some more attacks, one nearly pushing Giya into a deep pit and another hitting D’kar with an arrow. The portal lured the paladin closer, but was unable to grasp his heavy armor with its necrotic claws. The mighty avenger viciously destroyed a skeleton, before charging back across the room to enter that part of the fight.

The paladin and Kalarel traded blows, before the evil priest grasped an amulet around his neck and teleported to a protective circle of runes near the portal. Bosephus charged after him and pinned him in place for the rest of the party to overwhelm him with their most powerful attacks. With Mot taking out one of the few remaining skeletons, Giya charged into the Orcus worshipper and then called on the power of Avandra to bind him in place. In retaliation, Kalarel viciously attacked the avenger with two swings of his rod.

While the whispers in the portal failed to lure the wizard any closer, the grasping claws managed to drag the tiefling away from Kalarel and closer to the swirling blackness. Glurp and Mot teamed up to destroy the remaining skeletons and allowed the rest of the party to turn their sights to the dark priest.

The party piled on the attacks, with shining light from Mot, fire from Ganassi, sword swings from Giya, and one powerful attack from D’kar to bring the dark priest down. Tentacles of blackness pull Kalarel’s corpse through the portal as the Keep began to collapse. The party quickly escaped through a crack in the temple wall as the ceiling crashed down around them, sealing the Keep and closing the portal forever.


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