Harken's Heroes

Return to Phyrexia, Part 3

They got away again!

After Scarab investigated the Phyrexian outpost, the party opened the door and surveyed the scene. Inside they found a number of guard constructs and some old supplies. Ganassi led the attack by igniting some ancient wine barrels, while Scarab snuck in and used his assassin powers to their fullest. The ancient constructs were not much of match for the advanced party, even when two spinning blade traps dropped from the ceiling.

After the fight was over they discovered an ancient train in a cave at the back of the outpost. Using his lightning magic, Ganassi got it moving again. They traveled the rails for a while, before they reached a gap in the track created by some giant burrowing creature.

As they tried to move their train over the missing sections, they were set upon by a massive purple worm. Though he was granted invisibility by Mot, Bosephus was still swallowed by the creature. With their friend in dire straights, the group launched some of their more powerful attacks, until BFG managed to carve his way out from the inside. Scarab and D’kar launched themselves into the fray, standing on the writhing creature, until it finally managed to knock D’kar off. As it’s final desperate act, the worm swallowed D’kar, but Scarab landed a blow that killed it shortly thereafter, freeing the trapped paladin.

Following an uneventful train ride after that, the party ended up at the LifeForge. As they approached a door that had sounds of machinery coming from it, another of Scarab’s Boon began to glow. When the rushed inside, they were surprised to find an ancient Lich trapped in a magical field, it’s necrotic energies being used to power the construct army. Once they freed him from his bonds and his undead curse, the group headed out of the forge to find Alphonse Glimguardian. He was the one massing the undead army and now he was quite angry to find it destroyed.

With a roar, D’kar took the fight to the warrior, driven into a rage at the man who killed his mentor. The rest of the party dealt with the remaining constructs while Bosephus attempted to turn his brother back to the light. Though impaled at one point, D’kar still managed to deliver and number of deadly blows to Alphonse. At the last moment, some ghostly hands pulled him through a portal to the Shadowfell, robbing the party of their victory. Before it snapped shut, they caught a final glimpse of Kel’thuzad, the evil necromancer.

The party searched some nearby tents after the battle, discovering where the two had run off to, and recovered BFGs lost family treasure, the Cask of Liquid Gold.

After securing passage back to the mainland, the group arrived just in time to see the combined force of thri-kreen, dragonborn, and minotaurs wipe out the remaining constructs. As the group rested, their thoughts returned to Thunderspire Mountain and the shadowy lake it contained. Could it provide passage to the Shadowfell? Maybe the Mages of Saruun would be able to help…



Return to Phyrexia, Part 3
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