Harken's Heroes

Return to Phyrexia Part 1


After the party boarded the airship they met with Bunior Spellfall and Clank. The two Phyrexians filled them in on the adventures of The Expendables and D’kar’s Great-Great Grandfather, Acidaar, the Destroyer.

They also learned that their world had become embroiled in a war against necrotically powered constructs built at a LifeForge thought destroyed by The Expendables. Bunior thought that the attacks were being led by a lich named Caludrin Farill, since he created the only known airship in Phyrexia and they had recently been attacked by a fleet of small airships. The party agreed to help in anyway they could, as they jumped into Phyrexia and flew toward Perthburg.

As they approached the town, they noticed a large number of ships were heading toward the beach and unloading an army of constructs. Not long after their ship was surrounded by small airships and the group took to the deck to repel boarders and clear their path to the city. Ganassi used his arcane might to rain fire down on one of the airships, while D’kar leapt aboard one of the airships and used it to smash into the other one and drive them from the skies. The battle on the deck didn’t go as well at first, as Bosephus was severely injured by a dangerous Phryexian Construct. He was saved by the quick thinking of Scarab and Mot.

Once the skies were clear they jumped from the airship and landed in the middle of Perthburg. A massive retreat was underway and the party joined the remaining militia in holding back the attackers as long as they could. Once their positions were overrun, they retreated into the Storm Peak mountains, blowing the entrance shut as they did so.

Beneath the mountain the party was introduced to a council of Phyrexian inhabitants, including minotaurs and Thri-kreen. Bunior convinced most of the council to come to the aid of the sieged mountain fortress, but the dragonborn representative held her position. The party managed to talk her into it, especially when they found out that Khagra was D’kar’s sister.

Once the representatives left to gather their forces, Bunior instructed the party that they would be attempting a sneak attack against the LifeForge itself, in the hopes of crippling the undead constructs. To do this they had to fight their way through some ancient Phryexian ruins and build an elemental galleon to carry them across the Great Sea.

After they made it past the electrical field protecting the entrance door, Scarab noticed one of his Scarab’s Boon glowing. He led the party into battle against an undead beholder named The Shattered Eye. Ganassi used his arcane power to dominate the creature, which worked well until it split into pieces. It did not last much longer, however. They finished it off and then explored a couple more rooms, ignoring the monstrosities located in the Creature Splicing room, before pausing outside of the Creature Containment room.


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