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Prison Room and Chamber of Statues

How do we keep getting into these situations?

The group explored the hobgoblin’s bunk rooms before proceeding to an intersection and looking over their options. Ignoring the brightly lit room with a large table in it, they headed south towards a darkened room full of cages. There were two other exits to the room, one door that was boarded shut with the words “Closed” written on it. The other door was unremarkable, though when it was opened it revealed a gigantic statue covered in more dark runes.

The wizard decided to inspect the statue more closely and entered the room, while the paladin retreated back into the room with the cages, once more affected by the dark runes. As Ganassi approached the statue it swung its large sword around and would have hit the eladrin had he not blocked the blow with a magic shield. While the statue wound up for another attack, the large doors to the chamber slammed closed and heavy bolts slid into place.

Chet drew his long bow and began firing arrows at the large statue, but his attacks were pretty ineffectual. As D’kar hammered on the door to be let back in, a group of hobgoblins came up behind the dragonborn, led by a muscled, spear-wielding, and one eyed brute. He demanded to know where the paladin had gotten his magical large shield. The dragonborn answered his questions and told him about the discoveries they had made in the Water Cave up stairs.

The cleric and the wizard worked together to disable the runes controlling the large statue, freezing it in place. As Mot and Glurp failed to unlock the door, D’kar continued his negotiations with the hobgoblin warchief. The paladin described Kalarel’s plans and kept the warchief’s allies in check with a dragon roar to intimidate them. Once the wily goblin picked the lock on the door, Ganassi was able to explain the arcane nature of the portal to the hobgoblins.

Finally convinced, Tra’ak gathered his followers and led them from the Keep, while the adventurers gathered their wits after being separated. Once better prepared, they headed back into the statue room to inspect things further. Ignoring a pair of dragon statues off to the side of the room, Ganassi moved forward and inspected the four cherub statues near the only exit to the room. Being unable to disrupt the runes with magic, the wizard walked between them cautiously. As soon as a wall of force appeared between them and water began to gush from the vases held by the statues, Ganassi fey stepped away and lead the party in destroying the fiendish traps. After drying themselves off from the outgoing rush of water, the group opened the door ahead of them and proceeded down some stairs into the next room.


We just have a knack for it OK?

Prison Room and Chamber of Statues
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