Harken's Heroes

Outside the Kobold Lair

Surprises on both sides.

The noble adventurers arrived outside the Kobold Lair to see a large group of the creatures cavorting around a waterfall and stream. Hidden amongst the trees, the party was surprised to see a tiefling clad in black leather armor also watching the kobolds. After a brief conversation the two groups discovered that they were both on the same side and decided to attack the kobolds together.

With the small creatures distracted by the noise from the waterfall, the Giya Svetlo (the tiefling avenger) snuck up and attacked a kobold slinger. At the same time, to large blasts of flame burnt most of the smaller kobolds to a crisp, while Mot and Bosephus added a few attacks of their own to the surprise round.

The group of kobold’s didn’t last much longer. D’kar advanced to the small magic circle and fought the dragonshield contained with in. Giya mopped up the slinger in short order, before a kobold slink snuck and tried to stab him in the back. The little creature underestimated the armor provided by the Avenger’s faith and caused no damage.

A few short moments later and the slink was running for it’s life into the cave. Unfortunately for him, Bosephus used a Tanglefoot bag to tie it up in the water, where it was quickly surrounded and put down.


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