Harken's Heroes

New Friends and new enemies...

Gnomes?! Why did it have to be gnomes?

The journey to town was long, but uneventful. The party enjoyed taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling city. Ganassi and Bosephus headed to Naerumar’s Imports in order to pick up some reagents for their rituals and alchemy. The later followed the former to make sure he was as good as his word, but was disappointed to find out that he was. They purchased a healing potion for D’kar as well as the components they were after.

Meanwhile, D’kar headed to the Moonsong Temple in order to discuss religion with the local priestess (Ressilmae Starlight, I believe). Unfortunately he argued his case a little too forcefully and got banned from the place while he wasn’t dying from some injury. The trio met back up at the Blue Moon Alehouse to discuss their next move, when they were set upon by a vivacious gnome bard, named Mot. She convinced them that they needed her services on their journey, since she was heading to Winterhaven anyway and would be a great asset to their group. Ganassi remained skeptical, but D’kar and Bosephus welcomed her, even generously offering her a (highly reduced) percentage of the loot put up by Revan. Wait, isn’t one of them a cleric…

Anyway, they all settled down in the Silver Unicorn Inn and prepared for their journey to Winterhaven.


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