Harken's Heroes

Mot's Song

And now, for a musical number...

  • I met these three
  • on the road to Winterhaven
  • It looked to me
  • like they could use some savin’
  • On the Old King’s Road
  • some kobold’s tried to rob us
  • Luckily they were wiped out
  • by D’kar and Bosephus
  • Kidney Corset in tow
  • we entered the little town
  • We found most of the residents
  • feeling pretty down
  • My friend Douvan was lost
  • The ale shipments were missin
  • Bosephus struck out with an elf
  • There would be no kissin
  • Padraig hired us to kill the robbers
  • I wanted to find my mentor
  • We set out in search of him
  • and will kill the kobolds later
  • More lizard folk ambushed us
  • one of them casting magic
  • Thanks to Ganassi’s fey step
  • his end was very tragic
  • We arrived at the burial ground
  • in search of Douvan Stahl
  • Instead we found a jumping gnome
  • and almost met our downfall
  • A ghosly apparition
  • evil necrotic claws
  • and zombies raised from the dead
  • brought us close to death’s jaws
  • D’kar’s mighty sword and
  • Bosephus’s divine power
  • laid our enemies low
  • but didn’t save the hour
  • Ganassi’s flame sphere
  • burnt the evil spirit
  • Allowing me to write this ditty
  • So everyone can hear it


jrbeers717 jrbeers717

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