Harken's Heroes

Looting the Chieftain's chamber and the Corridors of the Cube

Why is this part of the dungeon so clean? Ohhhh.

Heeding some divine guidance, the group doubled back to explore the two sections of the Keep they hadn’t examined before. After easily dodging a trap, they looted the Warchief’s chambers, discovering a cache of gold and some magic armor which was given to Chet. Bosephus drank some bottles of wine they discovered and promptly passed out. D’kar pulled up a bucket of water from a nearby well and roused the cleric from his stupor.

D’kar and Chet worked together to pry the “Closed” door open and then lead the way as they explored the strangely clean corridor beyond. The group moved through the hallway and inspected a few small corridors, not seeming to find anything. Fortunately the highly observant ranger noticed a gelatinous cube as it tried to slide into the hallway and ambush the party from behind. What followed was a short but intense battle in the narrow hallway, as the party members tried to get in a better position to fight the strange creature. It did it’s best to prevent that by slamming the adventurers with its psuedopods, but it was to no avail.

Once Ganassi had fey stepped out of his way, D’kar took the front line and began attacking the cube with his strongest powers. Though the dragonborn was eventually engulfed by the monstrosity, the group quickly destroyed it and released their trapped friend.

While they rested up, they contemplated their next move.


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