Harken's Heroes

Looking for Douvan Stahl...

But finding something worse!

The hearty band of adventurers finally arrived at the dragon burial ground, but didn’t find Douvan Stahl there. What they did find, however, was a bunch of scruffy looking human diggers, a wary guard drake, a tricky gnome, and some sort of sinister apparition overseeing the rest of them.

Agrid, as they soon found out the gnome was called, greeted them cheerily and asked them to come down into the pit they were digging in. He wanted to show the party the interesting things they had unearthed. Bosephus used his insight to determine he was lying about his intentions and after a little more discussion, he also noticed that the diggers were carrying hidden weapons.

Before the characters could decide what to do the apparition ordered the gnome to kill the party and end this waste of time. He began moving closer to the group around the edge of the pit as Agrid and the human rabble headed up the slope toward the party. Bosephus took out a minion after taking a bolt from the gnome and the battle was joined.

The party quickly took out the human rabble and began fighting the guard drake as they tried to dodge bolts from Agrid. Things were going pretty well, until the apparition of Kalarel got into striking range. The evil specter used his dark powers to conjure necrotic claws to grasp the adventures and harm them with dark energy. The specter also drew upon his vile magics to reanimate the human rabble into zombies, surprising the D’kar with attacks from behind.

Once Sasha (as the guard drake was called) was finally taken out, the party split their attacks between the gnome and the apparition. With magic spells flying back and forth, insults and retorts, swords flashing, arrows and bolts whizzing, and much give and take, battle raged on.

Unhappy with the direction the fight was going, Ganassi delved deep into his spell repertoire and unleashed flaming sphere on the apparition, burning the creature and forcing it to flee around the battlefield. D’kar continued to attack the gnome relentlessly, doing massive damage to it, until it disappeared from view, confusing the whole party. It didn’t help Agrid much, but it kept the gnome alive a little bit longer. Ganassi teleported out of the grasp of the necrotic claws in a great show of tactics and followed it up by moving Agrid’s dropped crossbow out of range of the evil gnome.

Without it, he was forced to go toe to toe with the righteous dragonborn, who used all of his skills to eventually cut him down. With only the apparition (and a pitiful zombie rotter) remaining the group focus fired all of its attacks on the spectral being. It did not withstand this attack for long, before turning into black smoke and fading away.

As the party recovered from the battle, they felt stronger and more knowledgeable for the trials they had faced so far. They spread out and examined the pit for signs of Douvan Stahl’s whereabouts. All they discovered of his was a small satchel, containing some coins, a magical locket, and his diary. Upon reviewing it they discovered the last entry was dated about a week ago. It seemed Douvan was surprised at the extent of the burial ground, noting not just the dragon skeleton, but also the skeletons of many other creatures, some normal, some demonic. The area must have been the site of a great battle at some time in the distant past.

Hidden in the pit was the shard of some sort of mirror, covered with all sorts of strange markings. The party was only able to determine that it was from the time of the Nerath empire, but weren’t able to determine what use Agrid would have had for it. The group’s examinations did not turn up any sign of the current location of Mot’s mentor, so they returned to town and hoped they would come across him as they further unraveled the mysteries of the area.

On their way back to town they collected the kobold wyrmpriest and brought him back to Winterhaven. They offered him to Lord Padraig, who instructed them to take the creature down to the Warrior’s Guild and turn him over to Rond Kelfem. Once that matter was settled, the party wandered around town and recovered from their hard fought battles, ending up at Salvana’s for a well earned meal…


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