Harken's Heroes

Light in the Gloom (Part 2)

Fetch Quests!

The party followed Mr. Stinky’s lead and headed to the Sunken Isles to find the Widow of the Walk, after stopping for some drinks at a graveyard adjacent bar. This time spent loitering had a negative effect on all the party members except Mot, who was too cheerful to be saddened. At nightfall the group found the ghost crossing a bridge and approached her, asking for her assistance. With a scream, she turned and attacked. The group attempted to subdue her, but she possessed them in turn and had them attack each other. Thinking they were one of her lost children, the party inflicted grievous wounds on each other, before rousing her out of her madness.

In the grieving ghosts few moments of clarity, she told them to recover the items of her lost children. With them she would be free and be able to assist the party in getting to Alphonse Glimguardian. On their way out of the Sunken Isles, the members of the party each had a vision of an artifact that needed to be recovered. BFG told everyone of the large axe he saw in a mausoleum being held by a vampire. He also heard the cries of a young girl in the background of the vision. The party rushed to Graveyard and were met by a floating skull that directed them to the correct tomb. Their the party attacked a par of vampire brothers and their minions. Scarab stole the needed axe and the party rescued the girl and killed most of the vampires. D’kar returned the girl to her parents at the carnival and were rewarded with a protection from Gloomwrought’s depressing climate.

Ganassi Rananalden next lead the party to a guild of shadow mages, looking for a magic staff. At the only door they found on the first floor, the group found a circle of magic runes on the wall. As he examined it, the wizard the the inebriated cleric were pulled inside. Glurp and Mot soon followed, leaving the two dragonborns searching for their own way in.

BFG, Glurp, Mot, and Ganassi found themselves in a trapped room that had slots in the ceiling and floor. As they started to explore around the room necrotic water began pouring in, creating walls they had to find their way through. Outside D’kar used his Paladin powers to break through one of the windows on the third and landed in an apprentice mages room. Scarab sprouted temporary wings and landed lightly next to him, before securing robes to disguise themselves.

Ganassi tried one of the doors in the trapped room and discovered the exit. He entered it, only to be trapped in a never-ending hallway. No matter how far he walked, he could never each the doors at either end! While Glurp and Mot tried to disable the slots of water and dealt with a few drowned zombies, BFG managed to find the off switch and turn off the trap.

Meanwhile D’kar and Scarab avoided the mages that came to investigate the noise of the broken window and headed down through the building searching for the staff. They eventually arrived in a puzzle room the same time the other party members figured out a way to leave the never-ending ending hallway. Together they figured out how to open the trick mirror in the room and finally arrived in the library containing the magical staff. A quick conversation later and they were on their way.

Mot directed everyone to the entrance to the Undercity, where they were let in by the Keeper that Scarab had rescued from the witches hut. After navigating some caverns where Keepers were repairing and reshaping parts of the city, they arrived at a room full of castaway corners of streets, walls, and homes. As they searched it for the necklace, a False Keeper arrived to attack them, creating golemns out of castaway pieces of the city. The partly smartly focused their attacks on him, and once he was down the golemns collapsed as well. With their path clear, the party grabbed the necklace and headed back to the surface, eager to look for the last two artifacts.


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