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Light in the Gloom (Part 1)

This place is weird.

LitG Part 1
Bunior and Clank notify the party that they have calculated the planar shift needed to return them to the Material Plane. After they bid farewell to their new friends (and D’kar’s family) in Phyrexia they board the airship once more.

After an uneventful voyage, they arrive above Thunderspire Mountain, where they hope to find a means through the Shadow Sea. It is hopeful they will be able to pursue Kel’Thuzad and Content Not Found: alphonse-glimguardian there and stop them once and for all.

Clank drops you off at the Minotaur Gate and you travel the Road of Lanterns once again, shortly arriving in the Seven Pillared Hall. Things had changed since the heroes’ last visit and the Hall had become a center of trade once again. The Durranos occupied Gender the Drow’s old shop, the Bloodreavers controlled the Trading Post with the Underdark, and the Mages of Saruun patrolled with their Warders, instead of hiding in their tower.

Ganassi inquired around about any relatives to the fallen Drow and finding none, he made a large anonymous donation to the Halfmoon Inn. The party inquired at the Mages tower and learned that a ship would be leaving for the Shadowfell and that they could have free passage aboard it.

During the crossing through the shadow waters, they were told to find Kixie in the Merchant’s Quarter and warned that worshippers of non-Raven Queen deities was frowned upon in the dark city. D’kar and Bosephus did not seem overly worried, however.

The City of Gloomwrought was a strange sight to the party when they arrived. Ghostly ships, undead dock workers, and parts of the city growing and dying on their own were just some of the weird things they witnessed. They wound their way through the streets until they found Kixie’s shop. This strange gnome agreed to help them as long as they retrieved the soul of a great hero she was tasked to aid. The party agreed to help her and she told them where to find the witch that stole the parcel. She was usually found in the Shattered Isles region of the City, but as it was still early in the day the group decided to explore the city before heading there.

The party explores the Merchant District before heading into the Fettered Ward to see the sights. There D’kar rescued someone from the Hanging Wall, they took in the sights at the Graveyard, and they all watched a performance at the Carnival. After the Carnival, they learned that the daughter of some of the performers had recently gone missing and promised to try and find her.

The group then made their way toward the Ghost Quarter/Shattered Isles and paused to visit the Temple District. There Scarab and D’kar stopped in Dragontown, before entering the Raven’s Aerie, the massive temple to the Raven Queen. While there, Scarab had a number of visions from his past, and remembered that he was once a paladin in her service.

The party eventually travels to the Ghost Quarter, home to Gloomwrought’s poor.

Soon they came across a woman who attempts to trick them into fighting the city guard. Bosephus did not believe her story and once reveled for the hag she is, the creature attacked. She wasn’t alone, however, as a nearby cottage sprouted legs and joined the fray. During the battle Scarab broke into the house and discovered a trapped Keeper within. While the party battled the hag the assassin freed the strange creature, causing the house to settle back to the ground. Shortly thereafter, D’kar removed her head to end the fight.

After Scarab recovered the parcel containing the stolen soul, the group returned to Kixie’s shop. The odd gnome took the party downstairs and used some sort of machine to put the soul into a strange patchwork body of her creation. It turned out to be Glurp, resurrected! After the party reunites with their lost comrade, they headed off to the Graveyard, where Kixie’s contact can be found.

Mot talked them passed a patrol of the Legion of the Risen Blades and they are escorted to a large mausoleum. Inside they find the leader of the undead in this area, a zombie named mr_stinky.jpg. It takes a few tries, but they eventually get some information out of him. He promises to get them some information, if they can free some undead workers under the control of a necromancer down at the docks.

The party decided to sleep at Kixie’s shop before visiting the docks in the morning. Upon arrival they find a number of skeletal and zombie workers carrying cargo around.

Bosephus is shocked to find that one of the massive zombies is all that remains of the ogre Brugg. Scarab crawled under the dock to remain hidden from the undead creatures and make his way toward the building he suspected the necromancer was in. The rest of the party created a distraction by committing to a frontal assault, including Ganassi teleporting two of the largest monsters into the blackened waters. It wasn’t long before they were devoured by beasts lurking below. With all their radiant powers the party made quick work of all of the undead, and took the necromancer prisoner.

They returned with him to Mr. Stinky and learned that Alphonse and Kel’thuzad were hiding in the Deathless Palace, home of Prince Roland. He said that getting in would be very difficult, without help and told them they should seek out the Widow of the Walk for more information.

The party set out to find this ghost and learn what they could…


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