Harken's Heroes

Light in the Gloom (Part 3)


After recovering the first three artifacts needed for the Widow of the Walk, the party returned to the Raven’s Aerie to look for a mithril helmet. The tiefling D’kar rescued at the hanging wall turned out to be a member of the Ebony Guard, and let the party into the deeper parts of the temple. There the party met up with Razvahn Mazlay, the shadar-kai leader in Astrazalian. Knowing the party to be noble warriors that honored the Raven Queen, he let the party take the helmet for use in stopping Orcus’ plot.

Next the party followed Scarab to the headquarters of the Ghost Talon, shadar-kai zealots that despise all other races. While D’kar and Bosephus distracted the guards, the stealthy assassin jumped over the fence surrounding their compound. With a little help from Ganassai, Scarab managed to steal the dagger they were looking for, without being detected.

Having found all the relics, the adventurers returned to the Widow of the Walk and presented them to the ghost. Overjoyed at being reunited with her long lost children, the widow told the players about the Deadman’s Cross, and it’s ability to transport creatures to any location in the Shadowfell. With the knowledge that they could sneak into Prince Roland’s castle without having to fight his private army, the adventurers headed back to Kixie’s for a well deserved rest.

Unfortunately they were ambushed by the Ghost Talon on the way, as the sister of the Shardar-Kai that was imprisoned in Astrazalian came to seek her revenge. It didn’t take the party long to wipe her out and send her remaining lackeys fleeing into the night.

Following a well deserved rest, the heroes headed towards the crossroads outside the city. After passing an abandoned mansion and a disappearing inn, they arrived at the Deadman’s Cross without incident. Ganassi used his arcane prowess to open the portal into the Deathless Palace and the party rushed through, in time to see Kel’thuzad escape into a portal of his own. The evil Necromancer left Alphonse Glimguardian behind, in the hopes that he could stop the party once and for all. A vicious fight ensued, one that was quickly joined by an ancient Dracolich. The combined might of the party proved too strong and once Alphonse had been weakened enough, he began to return to his old self. BFG embraced his brother as the party prepared to fend off Prince Roland and his guards.

Fortunately, a group of gargoyles that were not loyal to the prince burst through the windows and carried the party away just in time. The group was deposited on the Isle of Stars, where they were met by Kixie and a halfling that operated a portal into the Feywild. The strange gnome let the group know that she had been visited by a disguised Bahamut and he had warned her that they might need rescuing. After the party told the gnome how they managed to get into the palace, they quickly entered the portal to the Feywild and learned what plans Kel’thuzad had by question Alphonse.

They learned he was looking for the weapon that the Raven Queen used to kill Nerull, former God of Death. To find him they would need to discover a way to enter his forgotten realm, Pluton.


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