Harken's Heroes

Into Thunderspire Labyrinth

"So, do you assassin much?"

After defeating the dragon, the party made a short stopover in Fallcrest before continuing on to Thunderspire Mountain. Along the way they encountered a farming community that had been ransacked by slavers. As they examined the area they discovered a revenant hiding inside one of the farmhouses. The Raven Queen spoke to the group through the newcomer and convinced them to take him in. After a hard fought battle against an owlbear and two dire wolves, the party, and their new companion, rested and then continued on their way. The next day they entered through the Minotaur’s Gate and took the Road of Lanterns to the Seven Pillared Hall. They encountered a group of hobgoblins locked in combat with some duergar and orcs. Siding with the former slavers, they managed to drive the creatures off quickly. After learning a bit about the state of the Hall, they joined up with a Halfling named Rendil and continued on their way. The group was off to a rocky start when they got onto the bad side of the Enforcer’s of the hall. They briefly visited the Halfmoon Inn, before hiring a guide and heading to the Chamber of Eyes, hoping to gain some favor from the Mages of Saruun. They fought their way past the orcs in the guard room, but they hear that fiercer creatures lurk further inside.

The Heroes of Harken gathered the spoils of their fight with the dragon and continued their wagon ride into Fallcrest. After noticing a strange group of other adventurers, t hey did a little shopping and then rested in Douvan Stahl’s manor house. The next day they began their walk to Thunderspire. As night fell they came upon a small farming community that appeared to have been ransacked. It looked like Bloodreavers had come and captured the local farmers for slaves. While the group was examining things, they heard something in the farmhouse. When they investigated, they discovered a revenant lurking inside. The adventurer’s accosted him and things were escalating until the creature channeled the Raven Queen and the mysterious deity explained his presence. A noise outside turned out to be an owlbear and two dire wolves looking for a meal. After a hard fought battle the wolves were dead and the owlbear driven off. The party slept in the farmhouse and made for the Seven Pillared Hall in the morning.

D’kar and Scarab experienced a strange vision as they neared the Minotaur Gate, depicting the last days of the minotaur empire. Moving along the Road of Lanterns, the party ran into a group of Bloodreaver hobgoblins locked in combat with some duergar and orcs. After talking with the Warcaster the group sided with the former slavers and managed to fight off the dark dwarves. Bosephus brought the warcaster back from near death and he told the party how Tra’ak had convinced the Bloodreaver Clan to abandon their ventures in the Seven Pillared Hall. Shortly after that they had been attacked by the duergar and driven from the Chamber of Eyes. A halfling, Rendil Halfmoon, rode with the party to the Seven Pillared Hall and told them about his family’s Inn.

When they entered the hall they were forced to pay an “adventuring fee”. The party wasn’t very happy about it, but Brugg, the ogre and head of the Enforcers, convinced them. The group made their way to the Halfmoon Inn and met Rendil’s mother. While there they gathered information about the state of the Hall, the history of the Hall, and who would make a good guide for the Labyrinth. Mot challenged Bennik the Wanderer, another bard, and easily bested him before the crowded tavern.

As the group headed out through the hall they talked to an acolyte of the Mages of Saruun. Despite their pleas, they couldn’t get an audience with the mages, though the acolyte promised to speak on their behalf. He suggested they try to rescue the slaves currently in the hands of the orcs and duergar as a way to get on the mages good side.

The group hired Terrlen Darkseeker to guide them to the Chamber of Eyes. Once there they used an overlooking balcony to bypass the locked front door and get the drop on a group of orcs torturing a bug bear. A quick fight later and the freed bugbear told them about tougher foes that lurked deeper in the Chamber, before leaving the party behind to discover the fate of the slaves.


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