Harken's Heroes

Inside the Kobold Lair

Irontooth! "Meh."

As the group looted the kobold corpses they got to know their new friend Giya, a local farmer after the kobold’s responsible for pillaging his farm. They agreed to keep working together, so they spread out around the area looking for the optimal way inside the Kobold Cave. They found another two entrances, but opted to take one of the smaller ones, in order to better control the battlefield.

The group started the battle with another gout of flame to destroy more of the scrawny kobolds, before D’kar and Giya led the charge into the cave. The group opened a two front battle, with each of the front-line fighters tangling with a skirmisher. The rest of the adventurers cleaned up the remaining kobold minions. The battle seemed like it was going to be another clean sweep, before scary laughter echoed throw the cave. Not thrown off by this new development, the adventurer’s wiped out most of the remaining kobold’s in short order without taking much damage at all. They weren’t too surprised when a large hobgoblin wielding two axes entered the fray. This creature, called Irontooth, engaged D’kar and Giya at the same time trading axe blows and insults. The two gallant fighters, backed by Mot and Bosephus stood their ground.

Meanwhile, Ganassi traded spells with an enemy wyrmpriest, finally getting the better of him before lending a hand in the battle against Irontooth. Bleeding a disgusting mixture of black smoke and blood, Irontooth fought viciously, but couldn’t do much to harm the two tough fighters. As his wounds began to magically close, the party’s wizard unleashed his mighty flame sphere to end the vile creature’s life, once and for all.

The group recovered their strength and searched the cave, recovering a set of magical armor and a magical greatsword. Even better, they found a large pile of coins and the ale shipments they had been tasked to recover by Revan Stonebreaker. Unfortunately, they also found a couple notes on Irontooth’s corpse, indicating that human slaves were being captured, some sort of evil ritual was being conducted, and there was a spy working against them in Winterhaven.


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