Harken's Heroes

Hobgoblin Guard Room

All's well that ends well...

The party descended into a well lit part of the keep, where they were accosted by two hobgoblin guards looking for a password. After noticing a group of caged villagers at the back of the room, Mot attempts to bluff their way past the guards. Though they bought her fake password, the hobgoblins were hard to convince that the party was there to release the prisoners. When another soldier joined the group, Ganassi decided there had been enough talking and started combat with a ball of fire that singed one of the guards.

A hobgoblin archer entered the fray and returned fire on the wizard, before the fight descended into chaos. D’kar charged into the fray and attempted to shove one of the soldiers down a well located in the center of the room while spells began to fly at the various hobgoblins. Chet followed the dragonborn’s lead and shoved a soldier into the well, where he plummeted 30 feet into the shallow water below. The hobgoblins attempted to counter their assault, but were pretty ineffectual, until their warcaster leader joined the attack.

The cleric used his divine powers to make the enemies vulnerable to the light of his god and followed it up with some attacks of sunlight from his holy symbol. The bard capitalized on this and piled the divine damage on the remaining hobgoblin warriors. D’kar attempted to knock another hogoblin into the well, but the tenacious creature clung to the edge and wouldn’t go over. Ganassi took the attack to the soldiers with a fey step and wave of fire, decimating the weaker hobgoblins and scorching one of the remaining creatures, which then caught on fire. In a flash of swords Chet inflicted some damage of his own, while the soldier failed to make his way out of well.

The warcaster took the offensive and tried to yank Ganassi down the well using a lighting whip from his staff, but the nimble eladrin managed to save himself with inches to spare. After some more back and forth attacks, the warcaster managed to charge his staff to full power and unleash a wave of force, driving most of the party backwards and sending D’kar falling into the well. The severely injured dragonborn managed to kill off the hobgoblin clinging to the stone sides as he fell, but was hurt even more when he landed at the bottom of the well.

Some quick healing by the party kept everyone in fighting shape long enough for Ganassi and Chet to finish off the warcaster and Mot to team up with the wizard to almost kill the hobgoblin archer. While the rest of the party helped D’kar get out of the well, the human ranger finished off the last hobogoblin with a swift swing of his sword.

After recovering from the hard fought battle, the group released the prisoners and sent them on their way.


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